You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


13. Be Mine?

Niall's POV: I decided tonight, I would ask Erin to be mine. But I had to make it perfect. Her ex-boyfriend, was a total dick. I want her to be my princess!

I pulled out my phone and dialed her number.

"Hello?" Her beautiful voice rang.

"Hey Erin! I was wondering, if you'd like to go to the fair tonight?" I crossed my fingers hoping for a yes.

"Sure Niall! That sounds great!" I smiled with relief.

"Great! I'll pick you up at around 7, sound good?"

"Yep!" She said poping to P.

"Okay! See ya!"

"Bye!" I hung up and jumped with joy! "FINALLY!!!" I cheered not knowing anyone was in the room.

"Someones happy!" Liam said laughing at my expression. "Oh pshh. Nahhh. Just my regular mood." I said trying to play it cool.

"Hand me your phone." Liam insisted. I sighed and he looked through my recent calls.

"Erin, huh?" He smirked. "Yeah.." I blushed.

"You really like her, don't you?" He smiled back.

"Maybe..." I turned around putting my back to him. "Come on Nialler! You can tell me anything!" He stepped infront of me.

"Fine. We're going to the fair tonight, and Im going to ask her out.." I smiled confidently.

"Really?!? Go get her tiger! She's a super sweet girl, and I've always pictured you guys together!" I hugged Liam and thanked him.

"Well, it's five. I better eat something then get dressed!" I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a pizza.


Erin's POV: "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!" I yelled as I got off the phone with Niall.

"WHAT?!?!" Brooklyn said running into my bedroom.

"I'm going to the fair with Niall tonight!" I jumped up and down. "That's great Erin!!! I'm so happy for you!" Brooklyn hugged me.

"Thanks! Sooo, what's going on between you and Harry?" I nudged her a bit. She sighed. "I really don't know! He told me he loved me.. And we kissed.. But, I don't know if we're official or not.."

"Oh babe. He's probably waiting to ask you out. Don't worry!" I smiply smiled and hugged Brooklyn again. "Thanks Erin!"

"Well it's 6. I have an hour to get ready. Help my pick something out!" I pushed her towardsmy closet and she threw tons of stuff at my face.

"Try this on!" She threw a Floral Peplum Bustier strapless shirt at me that she had gotten me for my birthday.

"You're going to need a strapless bra with that!" She threw a black strapless bra and it landed on my head.

"Black?!? REALLY?!?!"

"Just incase Niall wants to do anything!" She winked at me. Wow.

I put on a pair of super tight skinny jeans, and black wedges.

"How do I look?" I began to model for her.

"Good. But let me fix your hair! It's 6:30! We've got time!" She sat me in my rolly chair and pushed me to the mirror.

"Wait! We need to wash it first!" I yelled before she began. She pushed me to the bathroom in my room and dipped my head in my tub. She rubbed shampoo and conditioner all in it.

"There!!!" We went back to the mirror. She put volumizer crap in my hair. "Okay! Now bend your head down!" She instructed. I almost died laughing at how wrong that sounded!

"STOP BEING A PERVERT!" She screamed at me. She started to blow dry my hair and purposley burnt my head.

"OW!" I yelled. "You're giving me a heart attack!" Brooklyn continued mocking me.

"Okay. Now sit back up." I did as she said. She began to curl the bottom of my hair. Not full curls, but simple curls. She started to puff the top part of my hair.

As soon as she finished, she sprayed half a bottle of hairspray in my hair.

"THINK THATS ENOUGH?!?!" I coughed breathing in the air.

"Yep! Now. Makeup time!" Brooklyn smiled. She's the one who loves makeup. And clothes. And doing hair. Hahaha.

She first put on some foundation. Then one coat of eyeliner.

"Don't poke me with that!" I demanded as she put my mascara on.

She looked at me and smiled.

"Well, I think you look gorgeous!" She said. I turned around and looked at my reflection.

"Oh my gosh.." I breathed. For once I was happy with my appearance.

"Well! It's 7! Time for your date!" Brooklyn rushed me down stairs. Niall was standing at the door nervously.

"Hey Nialler!" I greeted. He turned around and his eyes got wide. "Is something wrong?" I began to worry.

"Not at all. You look, gorgeous! Let's go love!" He took my hand and we walked to the fair.

"Look! You can win a purple stuffed lion!" I smiled pointing at the game. It was bigger then most stuffed animals.

"Let's go play it!" Niall smiled. He got three basketballs. He had to get all three of them in, in a row.

"One, two.." he counted. He missed the third one. We stood there for 10 minutes.

"Niall! Let's go! You don't have to get it!" I told him.

"No! One more time. I can do this love!" He got three more balls and finally got them all three in.

"YESSS!" He did his little Irish jump. I giggled.

"Here you go my love." He handed me the lion.

"Awh. Thank you my prince!" I smiled.

He blushed. "Want to go to the Ferris Wheel?" He asked. I nodded and we got on.

We stopped at the very top, and stopped. Niall looked straight into my eyes.

"Erin, you're beautiful. Do you know that?" Niall asked lifting up my chin. I blushed.

"Awh Niall. Thank you.." I smiled widely.

"Will you be mine..?" He got closer, and whispered into my ear, sending shivers through my body.

"Of course." I whispered back.

The gap was closed between us.

I could feel sparks fly.


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