Valentines Day With One Direction

I don't have writers block anymore and I got a great idea and so I decided to redo this story. So it is still about a girl from a small town and she ran into Niall.


1. Love at first sight ?

So my name is Destini and I am 15 I live in England and I am like so in love with this band called One Direction do you know them? Well duh! I was walking down the side walk and listening to One D's new song kiss you on my iPod with my new I heart 1D t shirt on and I had both plugs in. I turned the corner with my head down and there was this cute guy who kinda looked like Niall but he had a hood on so I couldn't tell. And I bumped into him and I pulled my earbuds out and I said, " Oh my gosh I am so so sorry"
He said " it's ok love"
He had the cutest Irish accent I then knew it was Niall James Horan
" Niall Horan?"
" shh I am trying to be secret!"
" oh ok I'm sorry can I get a quick picture?"
" for a fan well I'd love to what's your name love?"
" Destini"
" lovely name"
We take a quick picture and then he looks at the ground
" what's wrong?" I ask
" I'm just kinda shy"
" why just be comfortable around me Nialler"
" we'll um uhm uh would you like to uh come to our pad for dinner"
" yes I would love to now see was that so hard?"
" yes"
" it's fine Niall"

" we're here" Niall said
" ok"
" what's wrong?"
" I'm just really nervous that's all"
" you'll be fine"
We walk in
" I'm home!" Niall yelled
" who's the pretty girl?" Harry asked
I blush
" this is Destini she's kind of nervous"
" don't be Hun we are just like the guys you go to school with" Liam said
" yea right your just much more talented cute and nicer" I said
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