Boy From My Dreams

[One-Shot] Jennie was a loner. She's the only one in the school that has a diary. She doesn't care about all the people insulting her, about all the bad stuff that's happened to her this past year. It was summer. The moment she looks for that perfect guy. Harry was a person she created in one of her dreams. When she cries herself to sleep, Harry ends up in her dreams to comfort her. What she doesn't know is, Harry happens to be a real person that she just hasn't met yet.


1. Boy From My Dreams


It’s summer once again, diary. Hope it’s going to be a great one. None of them ever are, but you never know. They turn into horrible heartaches but I have to go through them. We all do, diary. It’s just something all girls go through. Heartache. He left me last time and I plan on finding someone else that’ll love me for me, not for someone I became for him.

It’s okay, diary. These are tears of joy. I promise. (this is really a lie..) I love that it’s summer again. I’ll find someone perfect, someone who’ll love me. (another lie..) I really will. He’ll be beautiful. He’ll have curly hair, cute dimples that pop out when he sees me, his hair will look perfect even when he wakes up in the morning, his sense of style isn’t really great (just like me.), he’ll have best friends that love me, his name will be.. Harry.

That’s my fantasy guy, diary. He’s not real. He is in my dreams, but not in real life. I’ll never find a guy as awesome as Harry. 

I closed my diary shut as I heard someone's footsteps come behind me. "What'cha doing Jennie?" a deep voice said behind me. "Writing in your stupid diary again, I see?" He grabs my diary from my hand and runs to the middle of the cafeteria. "Hey, everybody!" Every single person looked in his direction. "Little Jennie here has a diary."

As everyone laughed, my cheeks turned into a bright red and I buried my face into my hands. "I'll find someone perfect, someone who'll love me. Another lie. I really will. He'll be beautiful. He'll have curly hair, cute dimples that pop out when he sees me, his hair will look perfect even when he wakes up in the morning, his sense of style isn't really great just like mine, he'll have best friends that love me, his name will be Harry. That's my fantasy guy, diary," the boy read aloud to everyone. Everyone in the room bursted out laughing.

I stood up and ran up to him. "Give it back to me, Louis," I hissed before reaching my hand out to grab it. He pulled his hand back, laughing at my attempt. "I said, give it back!" I pushed him slightly, making him let go of the diary. I grab it when it was about to fall and stormed out of the room.

"Oh, poor Jennie, being a little crybaby about a stupid little diary," Louis said in a baby-like voice, pretending to act sad. I groaned as I finally walked out of the room. Hearing all the people laugh inside hurt me, but I kept walking. When I finally got to the front doors of the school, I pushed my way passed them, sprinting down the steps. I need to go somewhere to get coffee, that always seems to help me.

I sprint to the nearest coffee shop and walked inside. The bell at the top of the door rang as I walked in calmly. I was skipping school at the moment, but I didn't give a fuck at the moment. I was looking around but didn't notice the person walking toward me. We bumped into each other, making his coffee spill all over me. I scream as the hot liquid falls on my chest. "Ouch!"

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," a deep, British accent says. I bit my lip to hold in the scream. Hot coffee can really hurt. (No shit, it's hot coffee. HOT.) I look up at the man to say it's okay, but my words get stuck in my throat. Curly hair, dimples that pop out when he smiles, his sense of style isn't that great. Oh my god, he's the boy from my dreams.

"I-It's okay," I stutter as I examine his face. He looks exactly like him, I swear.

"I'm Harry, by the way."

I choke on my words again. His name's Harry and he looks just like the boy in my dreams. It's him! The boy from my dreams is real. "Jennie."

He smiles, "What a lovely name. How about we head over to my place so we can clean you up?"

I raise my eyebrow slightly but smile at his offer. "Okay."

                                                                 *    *    * 

"There you go," he says as I come out with one of his baggy white t-shirts on. "All better." His emerald green eyes sparkle as he smiles at me, making my stomach flip.

"How am I going to give these back to you?" I asked, kind of shaking at the thought of how his answer will be. What if he lets me keep it? 

"Guess we'll have to meet again," he smirks, standing up from his bed. "How about tomorrow at 8?" 

"S-Sure," I stutter out, still shaking all over my body. I just can't believe this right now. 

"Kay," he twirls one of his fingers in my hair. "Want me to drive you home now?"

What? I can't leave now! "Could I, maybe, spend the night? I know we just met but-"

"Of course you can," he cuts me off, kissing my cheek afterwards. I blush and look down. "I'll sleep on the couch and you can sleep on my bed."

"No," I muttered. "We can both sleep on the bed. It's not like either of us are going to try anything."

He smirks for a second, but then smiles, "Fine, we can do that." 

That night was the night that changed my whole life. My life was a living hell with all of those bitches doing that to me. But then my dreams became reality. 

I found the boy from my dreams.  


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