Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


3. The Beach House...

It took over 2 Hours until we arrived at Zoes aunts house. The car jouney got boring after an hour or so because I had listened to my playlist over five times. After that me and Zoe did the usual and came up with some imagines of us and one direction, I wish they would come true already!

After that I got bored so I decided that I would just listen to any song that came up on my phone first. Zoes car made an unexpected turn and she signalled for me to take my earphones out. "Here we are, my aunts beach house, beutiful isnt it?" Zoe told me.

I looked around for the beach house until I had spotted it. O.M.G it was amazing, it was grande and literally in the middle of the beach. I mean I had saw pictures of it before but I didnt imagine it to be this nice! "Omg Zoe it is amaing I never knew it was this pretty! We are going to have the best summer of our lives!" I replied. As I turned to face Zoe her smile grew into a large frown. "Whats the matter?" I asked her.

"We are meant to be the only people who own a house on this beach but look, theres another one about 200 yards from ours!" Zoe said angrily. I took another look and this time I noticed the other beach house. It was almost identical to Zoes but instead of it being yellow it was cream.

"Oh it doesnt matter, im sure the people who own it are lovely people, dont just judge before you think, and please dont let this small dilema ruin our holiday!" I practically begged Zoe.

Zoe turned to face me with a smile, "Of corse this wont ruin our summer, but under no circumstances am I going over there to meet them." 

By this time we had pulled into the drive way of the house. I wasnt going to mention the other house again because I knew it would annoy Zoe. Simutaneoulsy we got out of the car and started to off load all of our stuff. Zoe unlocked the front door and carried all of her bags in at once. I could tell that she was in a mood so I just left her to get on with what she had to do. I grabbed as many bags as I could and looked over at the beach house next to us. There were three cars outside and may I add they were amazing, there were two range overs and a ferrari. 'Wow they must be wealthy' I thought to my self.

After I had finsihed taking all my belongings out of the car Zoe showed me to my room and I plonked everything onto the floor. Without a word Zoe left the room and began to phone her aunt. If Zoe is going to ruin our summer just because someone else owns a house on this one beach then I will have to say something to her!

I observed the room I will be staying in and fell in love with it at first sight. There was a large window at the side of the room and a king-sized bed in the centre of the room. Opposite the bed was a dressing table with a massive mirror. I decided I would get my unpacking done first, as that is the worst part of holidays for me.

*20 minutes later*

"Thank god thats finshed!" I said out loud. I did a giant dive onto the best and sunk deep into it. I felt as if I was in heaven. I sat up and decided to go on twitter. At that second Niall came online, his tweet read, 'Great start to the summer with the lads the place where were staying is amaing!' Quicky I favorited, retweeted and replied 'Im on holiday too!' To his tweet. I knew Niall wouldnt see this tweet, I mean I constantly tweet him and without fail, every time he ignores me. Depressed I threw my phone down on the bed side cabinet and closed my eyes.


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