Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


4. That laugh...

After five minutes I gave up trying to get to sleep. I sat up unwillingly and thought about life. Faintly I could hear Zoe on the phone to her antie discusing the new beach house. To be honest she was doing my head in, I thought that as soon as we had arrived we would be having pillow fights and what not but oh no, Zoe was too busy locked in her room.

I walked over to the large, clear window and with all my force, opened it. A blanket of the fresh summers brezze hit my face and sent my hair flying in all directions. It was so beautiful. Funnily enough the new beach house was directly infront of the window so I took a look at it. The cars were still out front and all the windows were open. Our beach house was silent so I could hear everything, even a pin drop. From just 200 yards away I could hear laughter and shouts coming from inside the other beach house. The laughter instantly made me smile and I couldnt help but to keep listening. I couldnt hear any womans laughter it was all what seemed like teenaged boys. They were probably just here for the same reason as us.

"Hahahaha" I heard one of the boys laugh. But it wasnt just any laugh it was a laugh that I had heard before. Shivers ran through me as the laughter got louder. I knew that laugh and I needed to find out who it was.

However I didnt want Zoe knowing that I was going to the other beach house because I knew that she would just get even more angry. So carefully I flung my legs over the rim on the window and jumped out onto the soft, creamy sand. The laughter got louder and louder as I approched the house. My eagerness took over me and I began to run.

Once I had reached the house I walked up the steps until I reached the front door. Polietly I knocked and abruptly the laughter stopped. "Stop worrying lads, Ill get it, but dont start with out me I want to see this!" One of the boys shouted, he had an Irish accent. I adoreded Irish accents they reminded me so much of Niall. I waited patiently until the boy unlocked the door and slowly opened it...

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