Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


14. Oops!...

Harry led the way as we followed him to a cafe on the beach. "so, what's winter like, is she nice?" I whispered to Niall.

"to be honest love, I keep away, this is her first time at the beach house so I guess we will both find out what she's like!" Niall said as he nibbled my ear lobe. 

"THERE SHE IS!" Harry shouted as he sprinted over to a wooden bench. I observed Harrys every move. "Winter! Winter!" He called out. A tall girl turned round and all I could see was he perly white teeth. Harry ran up to her, picked her up and spun her around until they both felt dizzy. Once they had got their balance Harry took hold of her face and kisses her passionately. 

"Get a room!" zayn mumbled. 

"someone gelouse?!" Liam chuckled. 

"NO!" zayn protested <<<<(see what I did there) 

"oh, don't worry zayn I'm sure you will find someone this summer!" I butted in feeeling sorry for zayn. 

"you really think so !" Zayn had a huge smile on his face this time so I didn't want to let him down. 

"I know it!" I replied with a smile. Just then Harry shouted and signalled for us to come over and meet winter, Louis did a slight puff and said to Zoe. "ready for this then babe?" 

I could tell that by the way Louis had just called Zoe babe, she was freKing out inside, "yep. Let's go!" Zoe said with a over exited smile. We all followed, me and Niall dragging behind. 

"so then, matchmaker, how do you plan on getting Zayn a girlfriend this summer?" Niall asked with a smirk.

"I'll find a way, don't you worry!" I said foolishly. 

"okay babe, as long as this matchmaking business doesn't prevent us from seeing each other 24 hours a day!" he laughed as he tripped me over on to the sand. Instantly I pulled Niall down with me and we began throwing sand at each other in every direction. I rose to my feet to find Niall with a huge sand ball in his hands. A devious smile spread across his face as he swung back his arm. Understandingly I ducked but the sand ball kept on flying at top speed. Until...... It hit winter slap bang on the chest. Wet sand dripped into her top and blew into her hair. "OW!" she screached. I turned around to look at Niall and we couldn't help but collapse laughing. We tried to recover ourself and we made our way over to the bench were everyone was gathering. Here we had the best view of winter. It was funnier than we had prepared ourselves for. Instantly we took on look at each other and burst out laughing again. You could tell by the way Harry was looking at us that he was furious. But at this moment in time no one could hide the fact how winter looked. Louis and Zayn joined I the giggles and soon we were all crying with laughing, except for Winter of corse. Harry looked at winter and tried to cover up his slight laugh, "come on Hun, let's go back and get you cleaned up."

'At least Harry can take a joke', I thought. Me and Niall carried on watching them whilst the others went to buy us some ice cream. Unexpectedly Winter turned her head around and gave us possibly the worst snarl anyone could give a person. Me and Niall faced each other stunned. "ower!" I said, "she doesn't look too apply does she!" 

"oh I don't even care you know, come on let's eat our ice cream, I'm starving." Niall said leading me away. 

"Noe change there then!" I laughed back at him. 

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