Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


12. Getting Changed...

I watched Niall run up to his room and when he was out of sight I turned to face Louis and Zoe.
"So who's going to tell me whats going on between you two?" i smirked.
"Do you want me to tell her?" Louis smiled at Zoe.
"No! Emily, it's none of your business!" Zoe looked sternly at me. I was about to force Louis to tell me until I felt arms curl around my waist.
"Ready?" Nialls voice whispered in my ear.
"Let's go!" I smiled. Together we walked out of the kitchen. Before we were fully out of sight I turned back to Louis and Zoe and said, "I guess I'll just ask Harry!"
Giggling to myself I ran to catch up with Niall. I interlocked my fingers with Nialls as he lead me out of the house. We walked over to our beach house, enjoying the summer morning by the beach. I was in a daze looking out into the sun rise when Niall bumped into me. I wasn't expecting it so I landed onto the floor with a bump. "Ow!" I shouted.
"Omg I'm so sorry I didn't mean for that to happen!" Niall tried to say without laughing.
"Oh you will be sorry!" I said as I stood up and began to chase Niall. Niall jumped back and started to sprint in the direction of the beach. I ran after him.

Eventually I reached the beach. As I was the un-fittest person in history I was out of breath. I placed my hands on my knees and curled over. I looked around for Niall but I couldn't find him anywhere.

Suddenly, I was on the floor again and Niall was on top of me. "Niall!"
"I did it again..." Niall smirked.
"Yeah you did, and this time I won't let you off as easy!"
"Oh really!?" Niall lowered his head and kissed me passionetly. Unffortunetly Niall soon pulled away. "how about now.?"
"Maybe, if you kiss me like that again?" I smirked.
"Fine by me!" Niall said as he began to kiss me again. The sun beamed down on us as we both sank into the sand.

After a few minutes I placed my hands on Nialls chest. He looked at me confused. "I think it's time I got changed now!"
"Oh yeah right, haha, sorry I got a bit carried away!" Niall blushed.
"Dont be sorry. I loved it!" I smiled as I turned around and ran into our beach house, Niall following me. We made our way though the hallway. "Right you stay here, I'll get changed!" I told Niall.
"Why can't I come in with you?" Niall frowned.
"Were not at that point in our relationship yet..." I laughed as I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.

As quick as I could I took Nialls clothes off put my light blue skater dress on and a pair of white sandals. Quickly I curled the bottom of my hair and ran into the hallway looking for Niall.
He wasn't there.
"Niall its not funny now, let's go!" I said feeling frustrated.
"Sorry Hun, just looking round!" Niall said and he stood next to me.
"Come on then let's go back over to yours eh?" I asked.
"yep! Race you?" Niall smirked.
"it's on!" I said as we both ran and tried to squeeze out of the front door simultaneously.
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