Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


2. Car journey...

Zoe was outside my house at exactly the time she had told me, 'wow she must be excited haha!' I thought to myself. I carried all of my bags downstairs and put them by the door as I put my black converse on. I wasnt sure what I should wear so I decided to just shove on my black skinny jeans, a white sheer top and a black leather jacket. However I made an effort with my hair as I curled it and put a bit of makeup on. Out of nowhere my mum stood infront of me and said, "and just where do you think your going?" SHOOT! I had forgot to tell my mum, I had been so busy all morning I hadnt even noticed she was in. "Mum! Im so sorry I forgot to tell you, Zoe phoned me up this morning and asked me if I wanted to stay in her anties beach house for the whole summer and I said yes! that okay?" I asked her. I could tell that my mum was thinking about this for a long time so I decided to add, "mum im 18 now you cant keep locking me up in this house, I need to go out see new things, meet new people!"  

"As far as I know you dont go out anyway you spend practically your whole life in your room fangirling over a shirtless picture of Niall Horan for goodness sake!" My mum wasnt finished with her lecture yet but at this stage I was shocked that she had just used the word 'fangirl' I mean how does she even know what that is!? "But then again I guess your right Emily, I guess my baby isnt a baby anymore!" She finshed. Now that was the one sentence I wasnt expecting. It was kind of awkward until I heard Zoe beep the car outside. "Bloody Zoe, shes so impatient,  shes deffiently part of our family" My mum laughed. I hugged my mum tightly and thanked her so much for letting me go. She helped me with my many bags and suitcase and carried them into Zoes car. "Aw thank you mum, I can take it from here, I will miss you and I love you!" I said to her whilst I squezzed myself into the passenger seat.

"Bye gorgouse, I'll miss you too and I love you, have a great time both of you and dont be getting yourslves into any touble, yes Zoe that is aimed at you!" My mum laughed to us as she waved us off. "Right!" Zoe said to us as we reached the top of my road, "we are off, next stop the beach house!" I laughed as I placed my earphones into my ears (obviously) and shuffled my One Direction playlist. The first song that played was 'Summer Love'. I smiled as I thought to myself 'Who knows, maybe I will find my summer love on this holiday, but then again I dont think anyone could top Niall...'

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