Summer Love

When Zoe invites Emily to her beach house for the summer they find a new house that has been built next to them they think nothing of it at first but then Emily hears that cute, unique laugh and goes to introduce herself. To her suprise its Niall Horan opens the door her celebrity crush and who knows could this be the perfect start to the perfect summer love?


8. Campire...

Niall escorted me to the outside of the beach house. When Zayn said that we were having a campfire I thought that we would just cook our marshmallows over a lit barbarque, but oh no the boys had a ready lit, blazing fire in the middle of five long logs. It was amazing, It reminded me of the 'Got to be you' music video and I giggled.

"Here come sit by me." Niall said as we walked over to the nearest log to us.
"And you come and sit by me!" Louis said playfully pulling Zoe to the log opposite us.
Harry, Zayn and Liam all sat down on different logs when Harry's phone began to ring.
"Hello?" He answered. "Great! I'm so excited, see you tomorrow then!" Harry shouted down the phone.
"Who was that?" I asked quietly.
"That was Winter, Harry's girlfriend, she's a secret though, she likes it that way, that's why she is never in the papers or anything. Harry invited her to stay in the beach house with us so I guess that she is coming tomorrow." Niall whispered down my ear. His warm breath tickled the inside of my ear and I shivered in delight.
"Are you cold?!" Niall asked concerned.
At this moment I actually wasn't cold but I decided to take advantage. "Yeah, I'm freezing." I replied with an evil smile.  Niall unzipped his jacket and put the other half around me so that we were both squeezed into the small, but cosy jacket. I must admit I did feel warmer.

"Right let's get this campfire started!" Zayn said with a cheer. We all took a long wooden stick and pushed the marshmallow onto the top of it.
Carefully we hovered the marshmallow sticks over the fire and before they became too soft, placed them into two biscuits so that it made sort of a sandwich.

Happily I took a massive bite out of the marshmallow biscuit and the marshmallow oozed out and covered the bottom of my face. "That's awkward." I laughed.
"Hahahahahaha, I think you like these more than me!" Niall laughed. "Here let me." Gently he licked his fingers and rubbed all of the marshmallow off my face.
"Sorry, I get a bit carried away!" I said.
"It's fine,haha." Niall replied whilst pulling me back into his jacket.

"This isn't much of a campfire without songs..." Liam stated.
"Ill go get my guitar! Ill be right back Em, wait there!" Niall shouted as he ran inside the beach house. I could play the guitar, but I was so shocked and of corse happy that Niall had just called me Em!

Niall was back quickly holding a full sized, black acoustic guitar under his arm. The first thing Niall did was sit next to me. "So what songs shall we sing?!" Louis asked.
"What do you think Zoe?" Louis tickled Zoe under the chin.
'For people who have just met, they seem to be hitting it off more than fine!' I thought to myself.
"LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" Zoe shouted.
"Great idea, come on then lads!" Louis cheered.
"Well I have to play guitar!" Niall said.
"I can play it if you want!?" I burst out.
"You play guitar?" Niall asked.
"Yep, have done since I was a little girl and I know like everyone of your songs!" I smiled.
Niall's smile grew wide showing all of his teeth.
"Wow there Niall, try and not make it so obvious of how much you like Emily!" Zayn shouted playfully.
"Well I can't lie, I love a girl who plays the guitar!" Niall shot back confidently.
"Come on then!" Harry butted in.
Niall passed his guitar to me, I can't believe he was letting me play HIS guitar. It was an honour.
"A, ONE! A, TWO! A ONE TWO THREE!" Liam shouted before we began to sing.

For all I cared I could of stayed out here forever...

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