"Remeber That Promise?" (ONE SHOT)

This is a One Direction One Shot for the contest.


1. "Remeber That Promise?"

~Skylar POV~

   I smiled down at my phone and read the message,

From: Liam <3

  Hey babe! (; I miss you (; Be ready in 30. I have something foor yoooouuu! xx (;


I curled my black hair into loose ringlets. I grabbed a blue straight dress that came down to mid-theigh and put it on. I put a skinny brown belt around my hip and grabbed silver heels and slipped them on. I kept my makeup naturall, Liam thought I looked better naturall. I brushed my teeth and applied lotion. There was a knock on the door. I grabbed a grey blazer and put it on. I opened the door, and saw the mop of brown hair with green eyes. "Hi Harry" I said. "Hello Miss Coles. Im here to drive you to your destination" He said formly thicking his voice. I giggled and followed him to the car. I checked my phone for time and saw it was 7:00. We pulled up to a side walk and Harry opened the door for me. I stepped out and looked for Liam. "Here follow this to reach your date" He said handing me a slip of paper and getting the car and speeding away. I opened it and read the 'clue'.

Ello baby girl! Go to where we had our first date to find the next note!! xx

I smiled and walked down the street. I saw the little cafe. I walked in and was greeted by the warm sent of pancakes. "Ah! Skylar! Here" Jessie, the store owner said handing me the little paper. I smiled and she walked away and I walked out.

You remebered! (; Who could forget that I spilled that bloody syrup on you? (; Now, go to where I asked you to be my beautiful girlfriend xx

I giggled at the memory and walked down to the Valentines Day store. I walked in and I saw a note on the ground I picked it up and read it.

Clever girl ;D Now, go to where you played that very mean, bloody pregancy prank on me xx

I smirked at the memory and walked to the clothing store. I walked in and the store owner, Linda, handed me the note and walked away. Shes always been a bit moody.

Well, Sky. Go to the flower store xx

I walked down to the flower store and saw a note on the ground

Follow the petals xx

There were rose petals I followed trail. I reached the pond and saw Liam standing at the edge. There was a small boat with a white table and a candle and rosees in the middle with a meal. I walked up to him. "This is were we first met" I whisperd. "I know" He said.


  I smiled at my mom before saying, "Im going over to the pond!" My mom nodded and I skipped over to the pond. I saw a boy that looked around 4, my age, come over to me. I smiled at him "Hi! Im Skylar!" I said. He looked over at me, "Hi! Im Liam!" He said. We talked about Toy Story. "Want to be best friends?" He asked. I nodded and hugged him. "Bestfriends" I said.

"I promise one day we will get married and live together" He said. I smiled at him.

*Flashback over*

 Liam helped me into the boat. I sat down with him across from me. "Skylar, you know I love you right?" He asked. I nitted my eyebrows "Of course, you know I love you right?" I smiled. He nodded. We ate our meal. "Sk-" Liam was cut of by a fish jumping on our boat. We both screamed and we fell off the boat. I sawm to the shore with Liam behind me. We were breathing heavy and the burst out laughing. Our laughing died down and Liam helped me up. He took of his blazer and out it over my my blazer. "Remeber that promise?" He asked. He got on one knee and pulled out a small box and opened it. There was a beautiful ring.

"Skylar Jenna Coles, you are beautiful, sweet, nice, funny, and everything I could ask for. When I mess up you shrug it off and leave it in the past, you know exactly what I need. You mean the world to me. I couldnt spen a day without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I dont know what I did before I could call you mine. Since the day I figured out what love was I have been crazy over you. I dont know how you deal with me. But thats makes you more attractive. Now, Skylar Jenna Coles, will you marry me?" He asked

I sat in shock before giving him a huge hug and screaming "YES! YES! YES!" I said. He kissed me passtinatly. My hands clamped his wet hair. We broke apart.

"I love you" We said at the same time. I smiled and said,

"Yes I remeber that promise"

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