The Quake

( my first movella, don't expect it to be perfect) Hi, my name is Kellie, I have a pretty normal life. I'm 17 years old. I have long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. My family and I, along with a few of my friends, survive a major earthquake that wiped out everyone but us.


4. what happened?!

When we were walking to my house, I could tell Louis was just trying to be brave for me. I told him it was ok to be afraid, but he didn't listen. I was walking as fast as I could without hurting Louis more when Harry said  "Love, why are you walking so fast, you're going to hurt Louis!"  I ignored him and kept walking. We finally made it to my house and I was relived that Louis would be ok. Louis and I had been dating for about 1 or 2 years. When I came on the driveway, I sat Louis on the ground and told my parents that I would take care of Noelle and that they need to help him. I saw Noelle playing with Liam, who had broken his arm and had it wrapped in gauze and a sling. "What's that for Li Li? I heard Noelle ask. " I broke my arm so this will fix it." Liam said as I was walking towards them. Noelle turned around and saw me, got up, and jumped on me." Hey pumpkin" I said." sissy!" she yelled. I gave her a kiss and looked over at Louis, who was in a lot of pain. I could tell because he was screaming out in pain. I gave Noelle back to Liam and ran to Louis. I gave him a kiss and told him everything would be alright. " Will you sing for me?" He asked. " sure" I replied." Do you remember summer 09, wanna go back there every night." I sung to him. He relaxed when I finished the song and smiled at me. All of the sudden I didn't feel good at all. I ran to my backyard and puked. I was confused. I hadn't been sick in along time. It wouldn't be from my period. wait, I think my period is late...crap! it was only supposed to happen yesterday though but why did I puke? I went to the front yard again and got a major headache.  I remember screaming Louis' name and then everything went black.


so, what do you think happened to her? comment what you think and keep reading!!

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