The Quake

( my first movella, don't expect it to be perfect) Hi, my name is Kellie, I have a pretty normal life. I'm 17 years old. I have long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. My family and I, along with a few of my friends, survive a major earthquake that wiped out everyone but us.


7. Well then...

What? It can't be! She's pregnant...What are we going to do? I looked at Kellie's face, she looked petrified. I felt bad for her, this is all my fault, but I don't regret that night.


I remember she looked more beautiful than ever. I had no protection but that didn't matter to us. We knew what we were about to do and we didn't think of the consequences so we did IT... All I can say is that it was AMAZING!

Flashback over

I got tingles just thinking about the way she looked that night. She must have been thinking about that time to because she looked at me and started grinning. Her mom was partying because she wanted a grandchild from us from the beginning of our relationship. Kellie smiled at me then frowned, turned away from me and puked. This will get some getting used to... When she turned back around she looked embarrassed. " It alright love, everyone pukes." I said. I feel bad though because i'm going to get mood swings and lash out at you when i'm mad and I just don't want our family to be broken because of a mistake i made when i was pregnant." She cried. " OUR family?" I questioned.

Kellie's P.O.V

I gulped. I loved the sound of OUR family. I just didn't want him to hear me say that. I got up the courage to say, " Yes, our big happy family." Louis smiled. " Kellie, i'm going to find the others and you guys can tell them about this little angel  when we get shelter and warmth." My mom said pointing to my stomach. I didn't have much of a bump, more like a lump.( ha ha i rhymed) She left Louis and I alone. We talked about our future family until she got back. " They found a good house, warm, big enough for all of us, standing, and well supported, everything we need!" She said. So we left to go tell everyone the news.

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