The Quake

( my first movella, don't expect it to be perfect) Hi, my name is Kellie, I have a pretty normal life. I'm 17 years old. I have long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. My family and I, along with a few of my friends, survive a major earthquake that wiped out everyone but us.


8. Telling the rest and baby names( Kellie's P.O.V)

 When we got to the house, I saw that it was 1 story, I assumed Harry and Zayn would sleep in one room, Liam and Niall in another, Mom, Dad, and Noelle in another, and Louis and I in the last.(Keep in mind the house is just a 1 story house, the people who lived in it, died at work today and left all there belongings, the house didn't fall down though). Louis and I told everyone to pick out a room and the to write their names on the door and then to gather in the living room. They all picked out their rooms and found a toddler bed in the garage for Noelle. Now it was time to tell them about the baby... I turned to Louis and said, " I'm scared, what will my dad think?" He replied by reassuring me that everything will be fine and my dad will be happy. Then we told them." Guys Louis and I called you here tonight because we have some good news and some bad news, the bad news is, we are the only people left on the earth,as far as we know, and we somehow have to repopulate, dear god I hope we find 4 more girls your guy's age, and the good news is." I said stopping to catch my breath." I'm pregnant!" I said. I couldn't read anyones expressions except my dads... I had to look twice because he was jumping around. I thought he would be upset but i guess not. He was happier than my mom! " Dad calm down!" I had to yell because he was yelling"YES!" Louis looked at me and we both smiled."Does anyone have any baby name ideas?" All of the sudden everyone started screaming out names!" WOAH ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!" Louis yelled. Everyone thought of a boy and a girl name. This is what we ended up having. Girl) Devon, Marie,Sandra,Robyn,Jenna, Caitlyn,and Snow White...( The last names are from Noelle) Boy) Tommy, Noah,Michael, Hunter,Tyler, ,and Prince Charming. I said" I like Caitlyn Marie Tomlinson for a girl and Hunter Michael Tomlinson." Louis responded with" I like them too but I didnt knowthe baby would have my last name." I replied with" Of course" then we kissed and everyone awwed then we went to bed.

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