The Quake

( my first movella, don't expect it to be perfect) Hi, my name is Kellie, I have a pretty normal life. I'm 17 years old. I have long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. My family and I, along with a few of my friends, survive a major earthquake that wiped out everyone but us.


1. Just another day

As I pulled into  the parking lot for another long day of work, the ground began to shake. I didn't think much of it at first until it became more violent. The Wendy's I worked at had just collapsed in front of my eyes. Everyone was still inside  and I was pretty sure none of them would make it out alive. As I pulled my phone out of my pocket to call 911, all the buildings around me collapsed just like the Wendy's had just done. Everyone was still inside those buildings as well. I tried to call 911 but the operator wasn't answering, so I just gave up. The ground started shaking way more then it was before and I didn't know what to do. As quickly as possible, I got in my car, and started the long drive home; hoping my family was alright.

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