I hope you like this Story :) this is my first
Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


6. What do I do ??


Harry is amazing and I would love to spend my life with him. He would be an amazing father and he will be one day. But we must not get close I don't want him to die I love him to much to see this. 

Sydney's Pov  

We finally got to Amanda's place we walked in and I saw all her bags already packed. As me and Niall walked into the kitchen we saw Harry drinking and crying. "Harry where is Amanda?" He just looked at me while tears flowed down his cheeks. "Niall, find out what's wrong with him, i have to find Amanda!" I walked up the stairs to find Amanda on the top step with her head in her knees.  

Amanda's Pov  

I didn't want to see Harry it hit me to see him like this. I heard someone walking up the stairs but I didn't want to move. "Amanda you need to tell him!" I look up to find Sydney. "But if I do Brandon will kill him,and you know it!" Tears fell down my face as Sydney got up and grabbed my hand to help me up. "If your scared to, I will!" Sydney said as I got up. "No don't plz Sydney!" She let go of me and walked down stairs I followed behind as we walked Harry and Niall. Harry looked up at me with a weak smile. "Harry I have something I need to tell you!" Harry walked over to me, he grabbed my hand as I lead him to the door. "Harry me and Sydney we are part of a spy group, an my family was just killed!" He looked at me with shock. "The guy that killed them is my Ex and he is after me next, he will kill who ever I'm close to!" He put his hands on my cheeks. "Harry he wants to kill me!"  

Harry's Pov 

"Harry he wants to kill me!" She said to me. Why would anyone want to kill her? I pulled her close to me an lifted her chin up so I could look her in her eyes. " I'm not going to let anything happen to you beautiful!" She smiled at me while tears started to fall down her face."hey don't cry!" I wiped her tears off her face. I slowly started to lean in as she filled in the gap and kissed me. 

Brandon's Pov  

I will find Amanda!!! And I will kill her and whoever gets in my way. If I can't have her no one can!!!





Thanks for reading love all directioners your beautiful and sorry for the short chapter

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