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Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


8. I will Never forget


Harry Pov  

I woke up on the floor to find Niall in one of Amanda's bags. I walked over and woke him up. As we started to walk down stairs I found Sydney asleep beside Amanda at the top of the stairs both girls with tears stains on there cheeks. Niall went to Sydney and picked her bridal style as I did the same I carried Amanda to her bed and laid her down. I laid down beside her holding get fragile body close to mine.

Amanda's Pov  

I woke up happy which I found very odd with all that's happening. As I started to get up I felt something wrapped around me waist. I turned to find Harry next to me. I was about to slid out from his arms when I heard his raspy morning voice "good morning beautiful!" I turned and smiled at him. "Well good morning curly!" A smirk grew on his face. "Tell me, why you have teary eyes my love?" I couldn't help but let more tears fall. He whipped away some of my tears with his thumb while hugging me. " Harry he is coming!!!"

Harry's Pov  

I can't stand to see the pain that Amanda has right now it hurts me. 

"Harry he is coming!" She whispered. Wait what who was coming? "Who is coming?" She hasted for a min " Brandon he wants me back, and if I don he will kill you I don't want that to happen!" She just kept rambling and I had to calm her down. I pulled her closer as I kissed her, she was shocked at first but slowly brought her arms to drape around my neck. When I pulled apart she gave me a weak smile " thank you!"

Nialls Pov  

Me an Sydney were walking into Amanda's room to find Harry an her kissing. When they pulled apart you could see fear and pain in Amanda's eyes. "Harry can me and Amanda talk?" Sydney said while walking towards them. Harry got up and walked out the door.



It was been an hour maybe two since me and Harry have left Amanda and Sydney alone. Nothing it was so strangely quit in the house. I gave it another hour or so and went upstairs, the door was closed a I opened the door I found that two bags were gone and so was Amanda and Sydney. I was shocked and didn't know what to do or say.


Amanda's Pov  

It's been 4 hours since me and Sydney left the house and I knew now I couldn't look back or go back. Me and Sydney made are mind up we going to go back to America find Brandon and hopefully have him chance after us. To give us time to change are names get Brandon away from the boys. I know it sounds crazy but when you are in love you do crazy things.


****3 hours later****** 

We landed in New York getting ready for are new life. "So this it,huh?" Sydney said as she gave me a hug. I pulled my phone and dialed Brandon's number, I only ringed twice before he picked up." Well hello beautiful!" I winced at the sound of his voice. "Brandon I'm in New York, I'm ready for you to come get me!" I heard him laugh. "Wow that was amazingly easy, and that's good to know because I'm in New York myself..!" I was so in shock I dropped my phone and looked at Sydney almost ready to pass out when she grabbed my phone. I woke up in a hotel room I don't even want to know how she got me here. "Amanda get ready we are going to meet Brandon in a hour!" Wait what, Brandon? "What do you mean meet Brandon?" I looked at her like I was ready to kill her... "I made a deal with him, now put your tight neon pink dress on an white heels."

Brandon's Pov  

So I may not get Amanda the way I want but luckily for me I had her "so called friend working for me" yeah see what y'all don't know is Sydney works for me. I knew we're Amanda has been the whole time. Sydney was bring Amanda to me at a club.. We were going to get her drunk, so they're will be not fight of getting her to come with me. I will meet them in 30 mins. I got in my car and started to the club, I found a seat as I waited for Amanda and Sydney.

******15 mins later *******  

I saw Amanda and I have to say she did look nice in her dress I like how her curves stuck out... They walked over to me with a smile on both there faces. "Hello Amanda!"




So I know your wanting to know what happens next I want to surprise you. Just saying Harry is stronger then what you might think and Niall he might fall for something that he shouldn't.. Keep reading to find out!!!  

I love you guys 

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