I hope you like this Story :) this is my first
Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


3. Falling


Amanda's Pov  

I looked and saw Harry, I new I couldn't stop my recording so I finished up. As soon as I got done he smiled at me and came walking over to me."You write your own songs?, and you have an amazing voice!" I just smiled and nodded.. He laughed when he saw me blushing.."it's a duet!"  

Harry's Pov  

A duet,"Yesss" my chance to sing with her. "I'll do it!" ( at this point I was jumping for joy) she hugged me "thank you Harry" she kissed my cheek and handed me what I needed to sing.. It was a love song.  

Nialls Pov  

As soon as I grabbed Sydney's hand, I just had to kiss her. I turned around pulling her close to me with a smile.. "Can I kiss you?" She just smiled and took up the space between us filling up are gap kissing me.. So I gladly kissed her back, I felt a spark and fireworks go off when we kissed. It felt so right kissing her I had to have her I didn't want to be to fast. But yes I was a little fast on the kiss but I just had to. When we both pulled away to get air, she smiled and looked at me with her beautiful eyes.. "I love you!" Oh crap that slipped out.. (What did I just do)  

Zayns Pov  

I walked out of the bathroom, when all I saw was Niall kissing this girl.. I didn't no what to do honestly so I just walked away.. I walked into Amanda studio to find Harry and her dancing with a just dance 3 and god that boy couldn't dance.. But I could tell Amanda was enjoying herself.. I walked over to them smirking a little," can I play Harry?" He nodded and let me take his place. Amanda smiled and went through the song list.. I saw her with a smirk on her face.. "Here you pick!" She moved so I could pick. I was going through all the song when I found no hands, I loved that song. She looked at me like she was gonna kill but she didn't back out.. When I saw all the dance moves she had to do I could see why. 

Amanda's Pov  

Oh god when Zayn picked no hands for are song I new I was in for a good one.. At first it wasn't bad but when I started to go to all the poping and twerking, I could see Zayn watching me and Harry staring so I stopped and walked out. I felt so stupid for just dancing to that. " Amanda come back" Zayn an Harry both yelled at me coming after me. As I turned the corner all I could see was Niall and Syd staring at each other.. I have missed my best friend/sister, I ran into both of them hugging them both more Syd and kinda Niall.. She laughed and hugged back Niall just hugged me kinda. After letting go I felt someone grab me from behind."Amanda I'm sorry I didn't think the dance was that bad!" Zayn was holding on to me and Harry was still coming up the hall. I turned and smile at Zayn.(I wanted to smack him)"it's okay!" When Harry finally caught up he grabbed me and pulled me into him, wrapping his strong arms around me. I felt so safe in his arms. "Come on let's go train!"  

Harry's Pov  

Training was long but we came to find out her friend could sing to, they harmonized so well together. I had to tell Simon to sign her to, I grabbed my phone and texted him real fast. I wanted to stay over at Amanda's house tonight so I waved Zayn an Niall on. Niall took Syd with him so this was my chance to have Amanda as mine. 

Amanda's Pov  

As everyone was leaving I went into my room an changed into something warm and soft. As I walked back down stairs, Harry grabbed me and span me around so u was facing him. "Harry what are you still doing here?" He smiled and pulled me closer to him, holding onto my cheeks.  

Harry's Pov 

I had to kisser I had to tell her my feelings. So I grabbed her cheeks, she looked down an blushed. I lifted up her chin. Our faces were only inches away. I leaned in kissing her softly, as she put her arms around my neck she kissed me back.(fireworks) I didn't want to stop but we both needed air. She looked at me with her pretty smile."can I stay here tonight babe?" She hugged me "yes!" She lead me up to her room an sat on the edge of her bed. I walked over and sat next to her, she laid her head on my shoulder. "You must be sleepy!!" I pulled her up to the pillow on the bed."do you mind if I sleep in just my short?" She looked at me for a min."it's okay!" I claimed into her bed and hugged her up, I watched her as she sleep until I fell into a deep and happy sleep.

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