I hope you like this Story :) this is my first
Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


5. Don't wanna lose him !!


Amanda's Pov  

After I found out about my family, I had to let Sydney know. See what Harry, Simon,& Niall don't know is we are spy's.. I don't plain on letting them know. But I knew right away what happen to my family. My ex boyfriend Brandon was trying to find me so I would work for him. Sometimes he is really stupid, I hope he knows he has nothing to hold against me.  

Sydney Pov 

I woke up to have a text from Amanda saying Brandon's back.. I knew right then what she meant by that. I had to call her, "Amanda what did he do?" She started to chock up! "He killed them Syd!" I didn't understand until I remember Brandon's last words. He had told us he would get her back no matter what he had to do. "He didn't Amanda!!" I could hear her crying. "I'm on my way right now!"  

Harry's Pov  

I was outside Amanda's door when I heard her say he is back. (Who's back, what's wrong,& what's gonna happen?) I heard her crying I had to go hug her and tell he everything was going to be okay. 

Nialls Pov  

I wake up to see Sydney packing all her stuff. "Where are you going?" She just smiled at me." Go back to sleep babe!" I wasn't just gonna seat her and watch her, I got up and hugged her around the waist, kissing her cheek. "Niall I have to go help Amanda, she might be in trouble!" (In trouble?? What this girl was sweet!) "Explain to me plz!" She just looked at me," Niall if I tell you, you might get hurt!"she grabbed her bag and started walking out the door." Sydney Idc what happens to me, no matter what I'm here for you!" On the way there she explained how he and Amanda are spy's and how her ex bf is trying to he her back. She told me how he killed her parents. An now is on the way to kill her. 

Amanda's Pov  

When Harry came in a hugged me I cried harder. (No not Harry, he will go for Harry!) "Amanda it okay babe, I'm here your safe!" He kissed my cheeks, an wiped away my tears. "Harry we can't get close he'll kill you!" 


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