I hope you like this Story :) this is my first
Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


2. Besties


Amanda's Pov  

Well my first day really all I did was hang out and talk to Niall and Harry. So Sydney called me last night and told me she was getting to come up for the whole month and man was I happy I missed this girl more than anything. 

Sydney's Pov  

I was on my way to Amanda's now well I was on the plane on the way to London. *8 hours later* the plain finally lands in London! Amanda had told me to look for a lady with my name on a large piece of paper, I found her and she took my bags but two. We got to her car and put my thing in the back. So I wanted to call Amanda and tell her I was on my way but the lady told me not to call her.*30 min later* we get to Amanda's new home and it's a huge house. As we pulled in so did another car, well I didn't see anyone get out so I really didn't even worry about it. I was trying to get one more bag out of the car, cause the lady didn't help me this time when it fell to the ground. Well I new I wasn't going to be able to pick up the bag with all the other bags but I wanted to try, as I bent down to get it someones hand landed on top of mine. 

Nialls Pov  

I saw this girl trying to pick up her last bag that had fell out of the car. So I ran over to help her out when are hands touched. We had a spark and I kinda liked the feeling I got when we touched. I looked up at a blushing girl with blonde hair and green blue eyes. I thought Amanda had a killer looks but man this girl was just beautiful. "Here let me get that!" She smiled and nodded like she was shocked. "So are you Sydney Amanda's friend?"  

Harrys Pov 

I turned around to ask my mate why he brought Zayn. But he was gone, when I looked around the car I saw him with this girl I'm guessing must be Sydney.. She was blushing and Niall was smiling like he does when he sees a girl he likes. So I just keep on walking to go inside.. I walked into Amanda's house,as I walked in I heard someone singing it was so pretty. I wanted to know who it was from and where it was from. 

Sydney's Pov  

As I looked up to see who it was. I saw Niall and his beautiful eyes, I couldn't help but blush. But when he asked me something it's like my world stopped and I couldn't get anything out. Finally I got out a yes & he just smiled at me. "We'll come on then!"  

Amanda's Pov  

Well I wanted to do a duet so I started working on this song so I could sing it with Harry. (Yeah I kinda like him) I already had a cute dance to go with it. Well I had got my song done last night all I needed was to record my voice and then maybe Harry.  

Harry's Pov  

I was wondering all the halls trying to find it when I walked into Amanda small studio.. She was standing behind the glass window and she was singing I guess recording something. I couldn't help but smile at her she had an amazing strong voice when she sang.  

Nialls Pov  

Well we finally got all 5 of Sydney huge bags in the house. When we walked in an sat her stuff down you heard this voice that sounded sweet.. Sydney smile "yep that's Amanda, I loved listening to her sing when we were young!" Amanda that was her man she had a voice on her. (I had to go see this) I grabbed Syds hand a lead her through Amanda house.


I know this isn't a lot guys but I promise I will work on making longer chapters comment and tell me if you want longer chapters and what you would like me to do.. I'm going to put another person name!! Comment and vote tell me why you should be in my story.. This girl will be the one Liam ends up falling for over dani oops spoiler sorry!

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