I hope you like this Story :) this is my first
Just plz read i dont really no how to explain this story lets just say there is a Guy named Brandon getting in the way of Harrys girl.


7. Bad phone call


Sydney's POV 

Me and Amanda were down stairs thinking of what we should do while Niall and Harry went to pack her clothes.. And lord only knows what they are doing! "Amanda everything will be alright, we made it through last time we can do it again!" She smiled at me weakly I knew she was scared. I had nothing really to say to her to make her smile. But think The Lord her phone started ringing. I watched as she pulled her phone out and answered it. 

Amanda's Pov  

Sydney was trying her best to make me laugh but they just going to happen not right now.. It was getting awkward. And I was about to say something when my phone started to ring. "Hello beautiful!" Said the unknown caller. "Umm hi who is this!" I was really worried and scared out of my mind at the moment as he began to speak to me. "Listen here you little worthless piece of shit. Your gonna come back to me and live with me or I will kill your little boy band friends and Sydney!" I was shaking and I knew he would do so, Sydney grabbed my phone before I could even do anything. "No Brandon you listen here you." She was cut off." Oh so are in on this to, goodie I love games!" He said with a husky voice. 

Harry's Pov  

I came down stairs to ask Amanda what all she was really needing. But when I found her she was crying and shaking while Sydney was yelling at someone on the phone.. I walked over to her and pulled her to my body. "Babe are you okay!" Wow face palm of course she isn't okay. She smiled weakly at me and nodded her head. "Brandon if you even lay a finger on a Amanda I swear." Sydney was saying while Niall cut her of "Harrry come one,and help me man!" I was wanting to hear what she was talking about but she walked out side. I gave Amanda one more hug before walking back up stairs.  

Brandon's Pov  

This idiot hasn't learned yet, I'm tracking were they are now so keep talking. "Thank you!" I said before hanging up. Shame on Amanda thought moving back to London would stop me tsk tsk! "Here I come you bitch!"




Okay I'm sorry for not uploading in awhile I want to shout out to my beautiful friend Alyssa Stewart love ya girl  

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