Girl Direction

One direction the famous boy band as girls? Heather, Lindey, Louise, Nicole and Zelda are the opposite of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. They meet at Ed Sheeran's Concert, Ed has already met Addie which is the girl version of him.


2. Questions and new fans

-Louise's POV- We arrived at new york and woke up right at the right time "WE'RE IN NEW YORK CITY!" I screamed and woke everybody up "Ugh can you please be quiet for a second?" Harry asked "Nope!" The girls yelled, We were all looking outside the window "whoa" Lindey said pointing at something, We had to get dressed to go to a signing -At the signing- "Hi, I'm a new fan" A girl with blonde hair said, I smiled and signed her CD cover.

-Heather's POV- Louise and I went to the beach "Gosh!" Louise screamed pointing at someone holding a crab "That's cool!" I said "No it's dangerous!" She screamed "When did you ever become so caring?" I asked "I don't know" She said and sat down on the sand "I kinda miss-" She cut me off "Miss who? Trent?" "No! i was about to say my dad!" I screamed at her, Trent never made me happy "Come listen! we're on the radio!" Lindey screamed, We both looked at each other then ran back, The radio was playing our version of Still The One "I can't believe it!"  Zelda said "Wow! I wish Addie was here though" Nicole said "Yeah! Addie wrote most of our songs!" Zelda said sitting down "Well it's not Addie's fault, She's on tour with Ed" I said sitting next to Nicole "True" Lindey muttered "Hey!" We heard someone scream it sounded like Addie or Ed "Addie!" Nicole screamed and ran to hug her "Addie! did you hear?" Zelda asked "Yeah! I'm so proud!" She said and sat down next to Nicole "So did you meet the guys?"  She asked smiling "Yeah! they're just like us and they're so nice!" Louise screamed "Where are they anyway?" I asked "Oh, they're with Ed right now" Addie said "We've missed you so much Addie!" We all yelled and then tackled her, When the guys came back Addie had to go so we all begged to come with her "Please Addie!? The boys never take us anywhere!" Lindey screamed "Yeah! they don't even pay attention to us!" Louise screamed "They take our stuff on purpose!" Zelda yelled "They eat all of the food!" Nicole yelled "I thought you said they are nice" She said with a confused face "They are, It's just, Well Addie we miss you! We want to spend some time with you" I said "Girls I get it but I have to go" She said and then walked away "Man, Addie can sure be a pain in the butt sometimes" Louise said, We all went to our rooms and went to bed.

-Nicole's POV- I got a little bit hungry at night so I walked quietly into the living room, I heard a noise from the kitchen, I kept walking though, I got into the kitchen and saw a black figure"AH!" I screamed "GAH!" He screamed "Niall?" I asked "Yes and you are?" He asked picking up the leftover fries that fell "Nicole, I got a little bit hungry" I said helping him "Oh" He said, we both reached for a fry and my hand went on top of his, We both looked up and then he leaned in, we kissed "I'm not so hungry anymore" I said and walked back to my room 'Wow, I actually kissed him' I thought to myself. 

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