Girl Direction

One direction the famous boy band as girls? Heather, Lindey, Louise, Nicole and Zelda are the opposite of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. They meet at Ed Sheeran's Concert, Ed has already met Addie which is the girl version of him.


3. Heather? Harry? Sick?

-Heather's POV- I woke up with a stuffed up nose and I had to cough a LOT, Harry was like this too "We can't take them with us, Their sick!" Liam said "But they will be disappointed" Louise said, I groaned "Well, they'll have to deal with it" Niall said "such a bummer" Nicole interrupted "Yeah! We'll have a harder time singing without them anyway!" Lindey yelled "But they can't be sick!" Zelda said looking at Liam "But they are!" Louis screamed "Leave! we'll be alright" I said, They got out and I was sitting on the couch waiting for Harry to find a movie to watch, I was all wrapped up in a blanket "Toy story?" He asked "Nah" I replied "I hate being sick.." He mumbled "Me too"

-Nicole's POV- At the signing a fan asked me "Where's Heather and Harry?" She looked like she was 11 or something like that "Well, Their sick" I said and signed her CD cover, We heard a girl freaking out, She was like 18 years old or something "I want to see Harry! Where is he!?" She asked freaking out on Louis "Hey! Don't yell and Heather and Harry are sick!" Louise yelled at her "I don't care about Hally or whatever her name is" She screamed "Boy, is she a freak or what?" Lindey asked "Shes more than a freak" Zelda said -After the signing- We went back, everybody walked past them "Aw! they fell asleep" Lindey said looking at them "Blah blah just get ready for the concert" Louise said.

-Lindey's POV- "Thanks for coming! I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say it was a hard time without Heather or Harry" Nicole said "We hope they get better and come back for the other show tonight!" I said and the crowd screamed "Thanks for the good time!" Louis yelled into the mic as we walked away -At the flat-  "See you guys woke up! feeling any better?" Zelda asked Heather and Harry "MUCH better, I think we can go to tonight's show" She said all cheery "WOO!" Nicole yelled "What did you win the lottery or something?" I asked "No Addie is coming over with Ed!" She said smiling, Then Addie walked in "HEY!" she screamed "Girls this is Ed" She said pointing to Ed of course "Guys this is Addie" I said and pointed to her "Hi" "Ed, I'm Lindey, That's Louise and Nicole, Zelda and Heather" I said pointing to each of them "Addie, That's Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis and that's Zayn" I said and pointed to each of them too, We all kinda got to know each other better but I knew Nicole and Heather were hiding something "Okay, Well I'm the maturest  of the group, I like Toy Story and I don't know" I said when it got to my turn, Heather totally lost it like she kept coughing in the middle of the sentence "Uhm....I" She said but finished with a cough and then it went to Louise "I'm the oldest and the silliest" She said all perky, Nicole was eating and Zelda was fixing her hair again so they didn't say anything. "Nicole, Louise, Zelda, Heather are you ready?" I yelled right when The guys came out "Yup! Let's roll" Heather skipped out and grabbed her leather jacket.

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