Girl Direction

One direction the famous boy band as girls? Heather, Lindey, Louise, Nicole and Zelda are the opposite of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. They meet at Ed Sheeran's Concert, Ed has already met Addie which is the girl version of him.


1. The meet

-Heather's POV- "Thanks for coming out tonight!" Lindey said into the mic as the light blinded us, Boy I never knew guys could be this loud, We walked backstage to get ready for Addie's concert "apparently Addie is not singing but the guy Ed is singing" Louise said brushing through her light brown hair "Really?" Zelda asked fixing her hair again "Yea I heard about it too" Nicole said "I wonder if we're gonna met the guy version of us" I said brushing through my curls -At the concert- "Oh sorry" Someone said "No it's fine" I said then looked up, He looked exactly like me but of course a guy "I'm Heather" I said extending my hand "Harry" He said shaking it, Then a couple of guys came up to him "Har-" One said and then stopped and stared at me, I looked back at the girls who wear shuffling toward me "This is Heather" He said calmly "Who's this!?" Lindey asked "That's Harry" I said "You look just like him!" Nicole exclaimed "They look like us!" Louise yelled, They were all staring at each other until I broke the silence "Okay! what are your names?" "I'm Liam, Liam Payne" Then Lindey spoke up "Payne? That's my last name" She said confused "Louise Tomlinson" Louise yelled "Louis Tomlinson" someone yelled "Zayn Malik" another said fixing his hair "Zelda Malik" Zelda said fixing her hair "That's Niall!" Nicole screamed "How do you know!?" He yelled "I read about you guys and thought it was fake!" She screamed again "Then your Nicole!" He screamed "Okay I told you guys we would meet the guy version of us!" I screamed "True" They all muttered, Then we ALL went to our flat -At the flat- "Okay I'm Heather Styles, That's Lindey Payne and Zelda Malik, Louise Tomlinson and Nicole Horan, We are the girl version of you guys" I explained "are we related or something?" Niall asked "No, we aren't" Nicole said "Oh so you guys are just us but different?" Zayn asked "I thought we just went over this!" I screamed "We did" Lindey pointed out "Okay hmm.. How do I explain?" I asked looking at the girls "We learned about this in school but you didn't" Louise said "And we did the same thing as you!" Nicole said "We went through Simone's house" Zelda said "On the X-Factor?" Harry asked "Yup, Then we became big! and went through a lot of pain" I said, Harry's phone rang "It's Taylor" He said "don't answer" Liam said "you mean Swift?" Lindey asked "Yeah" He replied "Man I hate Trent Swift, I want nothing to do with him" I said "We should get them to date and then they'll write a song about themselves!" Zelda laughed "But I'm afraid they'll like each other and then get married!" I said "Why?" Lindey asked "no more songs, no more heart broken Trent or Taylor in this case" I said, After a while of talking they left, I ran up to my room and got changed and then fell asleep.

-Lindey's POV- last night was crazy! but this morning I got a call from Liam "Hello" I answered "Lindey we need to write a song together!" He screamed "Don't call me! call Nicole" I said, After they talked and decided to get the two bands together for a tour we had to pack, I ran downstairs and dropped my suitcase "Your fast" Heather said sitting on the counter drinking her cappuccino "I don't like being late!" I said walking around her to Zelda's room, Man can she sleep in "ZELDA!!!" i yelled in her ear "I'm up I'm up" She said getting up "good now pack and get dressed" I said then skipped out "Nicole!" I yelled she was eating like a pig "Sorry you know I can't help it" She said with her mouth full of food "Louise? Where's Louise?" I asked looking around "Looking for her Pandora bag" Heather said, I ran upstairs to Louise's room "Where is it!?" She screamed looking under her bed, It was sitting on her dresser so i picked it up "Looking for this?" I asked holding it up on my pointer finger and standing in the doorway "yes! thanks Lindey!" she said taking it "are you ready?" I asked walking in "Yeah" She said and smiled -On the tour bus- We all sat down in the small area that was the living room "Wait wasn't Jessica supposed to come?" i asked "who's Jessica?" Niall asked "the girl version of Justin Bieber" Heather said "Nah she said she has to take care of something" Louise said.

-Louise's POV- We all got dressed for our concert full of new songs, I put on my favorite blue stripped shirt and a red skirt with toms, I walked outside and saw a whole bunch of fans surrounding the guys -backstage- "That was Amazing!" Lindey screamed "Sure was!" I said "Well now we have to wait until we get to New york!" Heather screamed smiling "Calm down! We have a long trip" Lindey said, We all kinda passed out on the way there.

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