Lost In London

The story of a 17 year old girl from Monroe, LA by the name of Lalette Bariletti. While with her friend on a graduation trip to the UK, she gets separated from her friend one night in London. With a dead cell phone, no money, and not a clue where she is going, she quickly finds herself in a dangerous situation. She thought there would be no hope until the sun came up, until she ran into a familiar face at a club in the main stretch of the city. With this boys help she not only finds her way back to her hotel, but a mutual attraction that lights a fire in them both. Will the fire stay lit when she has only two weeks left in London? Who is this boy you may ask? Well you will have to read to find out!


2. You Are Going

My mom and I sat down on the edge of my bed and grabbed my hand "Well I know you've been rather upset lately about not being able to go on the trip to the U.K. with Audrina, her mother has called me multiple times saying that Audrina told her that you are pretty upset at school everyday. "

"Maybe just a little" I defended myself "I'll be fine, I know we can't afford it and I'll just have to be a big girl and wait until I can afford it myself". Though I said this to my mum, deep inside I was having to hold on tight to my emotions so that I wouldn't begin crying.

"Well" my mom said in a chilled tone "You may not have to wait that long". I looked at my mum puzzled "What do you mean?". "Well your great aunt in Maine called me the other day and asked me what she should get you for graduation." I smiled, but I was still a bit confused "and? keep on" I said. "I told her about the trip and after she went on and on about how much she loved Europe, she decided that you needed to go and for your graduation present from her you are going to England with Audrina. You two aren't going with the school because I feel like you both can handle yourselves fine with out a chaperone. Can't you?"

I smiled as big as I every have in my life and jumped up "Yes, yes we will be great! Ah thank you so much mum." I bent down and gave my mother a tight hug, never wanting to let go. My mum leaned back and broke the hug after a few moment stating that she needed to go pick my sisters up from a friends' house and didn't need to be late.

After my mum left the house I decided to get something to eat and call Audrina to tell her how everything was working out.

I picked up my phone and called Audrina. "hey Audri" I chimed into the phone. "hey Lala, so did your mum tell you anything this afternoon?"

"Um yes actually, it turns out we are going to the UK together!"

"So I've heard" Audrina said in a smiling tone. "You do know what this means, don't you Lala?" I thought for a bit "no what does it mean?". Audrina huffed "This means we get to look for One Direction together. Now that we won't be with the school group we can go where we want and we'll have a better chance of finding them!"

My face became pulled into a tight smile thinking of all the possibilities. Thinking that I might even be able to meet THE Liam Payne. I told Audrina goodbye and clicked the "end" button on my phone.

The rumble of gravel told me that my mum was home with my two younger sisters, Annie- 8 and Florence- 10. I met them at the door with a hug and a smile. They both seemed confused as to how happy I was, which didn't surprise me because I hadn't been this happy in a VERY long time.

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