Lost In London

The story of a 17 year old girl from Monroe, LA by the name of Lalette Bariletti. While with her friend on a graduation trip to the UK, she gets separated from her friend one night in London. With a dead cell phone, no money, and not a clue where she is going, she quickly finds herself in a dangerous situation. She thought there would be no hope until the sun came up, until she ran into a familiar face at a club in the main stretch of the city. With this boys help she not only finds her way back to her hotel, but a mutual attraction that lights a fire in them both. Will the fire stay lit when she has only two weeks left in London? Who is this boy you may ask? Well you will have to read to find out!


1. Saved by the Bell + A little extra Peace

Another day sitting in class, thinking about the trip to England that I will not be taking due to lack of income in my household. I think of the many things that I am going to miss and sights I won't be able to see, almost bursting into tears. Saved by the bell, I shot up from my desk immediately and headed for the door. I held my head low in the hallways hoping not to catch the eyes of my peers who would surely talk quietly about me, laughing and snickering.

I tossed my books lightly into my locker and made my way out of the school building, heading for home. Before I made it out of the main hallway my best friend, my only friend, Audrina, caught my arm.. "Why the  hurry?" she questioned. "I'm just ready to go home. Today was awful just like everyday is." She looked at me with caring eyes "Remember only two more weeks and we will be out of this terrible place." I smiled at her, ensuring that I was okay and walked out of the almost empty building.

My walk home was short and sweet like always. I treasure it each day because it's the only form of peace I have during my daily schedule, which rarely sees change.

Once I made it to my house I trudged up the front porch steps of our isolated, antebellum nightmare in the middle of nowhere, way off the parish road. I opened the door calling out names to see if anyone was home. To my relief my sisters and mum had not arrived home yet, meaning I would get a bit of extra peace. I walked to my room and sat my backpack on the ground and fell hard into my bed.

I sat in silence for a bit, then decided to check on the world outside of Monroe, Louisiana. I got my laptop out and turned it on, almost falling asleep to the faint buzzing of the electronics going to work inside of it. Once it had warmed up and connected to the wifi I pulled up twitter and logged in. The first thing that showed up on my twitter feed was a tweet from Liam Payne, a member of the British boy band One Direction, indicating that he was doing a following spree. Seeing that, I began tweeting him. I kept on tweeting and realized that I had sent almost 80 tweets in a few minutes. I then began checking my mentions and activity and finally after what felt like a life time I had a notification saying "@Real_Liam_Payne is now following you!". I tweeted him "thank you!" and immediately started screaming of excitement. I danced around my room and became so completely lost in everything that I didn't hear my mum come in the house. She walked in my room and was smiling "I haven't seen you this happy in a long time Lalette. What's got you so happy?". I smiled and ran to give my mom a quick hug and told her about the Liam follow and how it made me so ecstatic. She seemed genuinely happy to see me excited.

"Lalette I'm so glad to see you this happy." she said with a wide smile "but we need to talk".

I always hate hearing those words.


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