Lost In London

The story of a 17 year old girl from Monroe, LA by the name of Lalette Bariletti. While with her friend on a graduation trip to the UK, she gets separated from her friend one night in London. With a dead cell phone, no money, and not a clue where she is going, she quickly finds herself in a dangerous situation. She thought there would be no hope until the sun came up, until she ran into a familiar face at a club in the main stretch of the city. With this boys help she not only finds her way back to her hotel, but a mutual attraction that lights a fire in them both. Will the fire stay lit when she has only two weeks left in London? Who is this boy you may ask? Well you will have to read to find out!


3. Just Do It

The next morning I woke up rather early and decided that Audrina and I should go to Shreveport to get a few things for our trip. After showering and getting dressed, I picked up my phone and called Audrina, who said she'd come pick me up.

After about thirty minutes a saw Audrina's car rolling up the driveway. I told my mom my plans and shot out the front door, ready to get the day started. 

"Hey!" I said to Audrina in a sing-song voice. She said hello as i slipped into her little Volkswagen Beetle which she had taken the top off of for the day. "So I noticed that Liam followed you on twitter yesterday" she said with a smile as we pulled out of the drive. "Yes he did, i forgot to tell you. I was just so excited about being able to go to England with you!" 

"It's fine" she said laughing "I still can't believe we are going together. I'm ready to get graduation over with so we can board the plane." 

The ride to Shreveport took about 45 minutes which wasn't very long for us because we talked about the things we would do in the UK the entire ride, and about One Direction of course.

We went to a few little boutiques and other stores and decided to go back to my house after we at lunch at a little family owned Mexican restaurant. The drive home was much like the one to Shreveport. In the midst of talking about One Direction, Audri came up with one of her crazy ideas.

"Hey, you know Lala, know that Liam follows you, you could send him a direct message."

"No, I'm not gonna bother him" I replied.

"It might be your ticket to meeting him though" She said with a sinister smile.

"Even if I did,he would never see it. He follows over fifteen thousand people. Can you even imagine how many messages he gets everyday?" 

We sat in silence for a bit and I thought about messaging him on twitter. It couldn't hurt to try I thought, but if he doesn't message back I'll probably get upset. Well there is no probably to it. 

"Fine" I said, breaking the silence. 

"What?" Audrina questioned.

"I'll do it. I'll direct message Liam" and with those words i pulled out my phone and sent Liam a message saying "Hey Liam, thank you for following. You know my friend and I will be in London in two weeks, maybe we could meet up(:".

I actually did it. 

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