Love in a hopeless place - Enjolras and Adelicia- les mis fanfiction

Well this story is basically an idea I came up whilst watching Les miserables, one of the many weird places where a story pops up into my head. The title was very last minute an anyways its a short story about Enjolras Marius's friend and a peasant girl who's brothers are Gavroche and Alain. She is telling the story of how she fell in love with Enjolras the night before the barricade and how she came to feel love in the poor streets of montreal after a hard upbringing. She tells the story of love and suffering and hope.


2. The spark of a revolt

The next few days we stayed with Enjolras, Marius and his men and women. I found out that that the building is actually a wine shop in the Rue de la Chanverrerie.I had seen much of Enjolras, often we shared secret glances and I usually went with him to gain more weapons from contacts he had in the city. I think I fell more in love with him each day. He gave me kindness and protected me from the nasties that lurk in the streets at night. He spoke my name softly instead of harshly like an order and my heart soared each time.

I am sleeping in the cellar next to the barrels on a cotton sheet laid on the floor with a sack of straw for a pillow. It was much more comfortable than a dirty wet street leant against a rough wall. I had a candle for light and warmth for the dark nights. Gavroche and Alain slept in the cellar too ontop of two barrells. They were mischeivious especially Gavroche, I swear he is a twenty year old inside his six year old small body with his ideas of revolution and sneaky food grabbing. I loved them both dearly and wished to God in heaven that they will live through this. I wished that the soldiers will look kindly upon them and take mercy.

I wish...

A couple of days ago we found out about Lamarque's death which has only added fuel to the fire and I found Eponine, Marius's friend, crying as she tied some cloth tightly round her body turning herself into a man. I caught her as she tied it off, she wiped her eyes quickly which had become red and puffy.She looked at me with glassy shiny brown eyes as I came to sit beside her on the bed.

"What is this in aid of?" I had asked her

"My love, Marius" She had replied sniffing "He loves Cosette. I;m nothing more than a friend so I shall become one of his men, I shall fight with them as a brother. I can't heal and I can't work pistols or muskets you see, so I want to join the revolution and love him in the fight"

I think I swallowed then and placed an arm round her for comfort. I thought abut the awful hollow feeling of loving someone that doesn't love you. It was enough to bring bile to my throat and see the colour black of despair in my mind. I looked at her then and saw her body still strong but felt her shudden under my touch like everything inside was breaking apart. "He loves you Eponine, just not as you'd like but I know he loves you" I had told her "One day after the revolution you will find another man like Marius and you will be his first in his affections. He will love and protect you and you will be happy and free from heartbreak"

Eponine then covered her face in her hands leaking tears and pushed her hair up under a frumpy man;s hat. "But until after the revolution, then I will start to get over him. But I want to be here even if I am loving him on my own. I want to know he lives through it and is happy before I can move on"

I remembered what she told me when I left, she said "Don;t be shy in your affections for Enjolras, Love him and cherish each moments you have together before the soldiers come"

Today I learn that a gang led by Thenardier has attempted to capture a wanted criminal Valjean to hold for ransom who looks after Cosette. Eponine is telling me down a quiet back alley that she screamed to warn Valjean and Cosette now they have fled. I listen in shock and shake my head, praying for their safety.

I touched her arm "You have a good heart. Marius must be told by you and by you alone"

Eponine shoves a piece of brown hair behind he ear under her cap. She appears strange in baggy brown trousers, a black male shirt and a brown jacket. She even walked masculine now in her boots, kind of swaggered and lazy. She nodded "Valjean knows of Cosettes love for Marius too but I think its more for her safety than his, whispers tell me that she has no clue about her mother or much about her past even who he really is"

"Then he is a good man despite what the law, Javert, thinks" I say crossing my arms wrapping my shawl round me more keeping out the incessant chill. "When Marius gets through this I dare say he will be happy like you anticipated and you can find a man's first affections"

"I really truly hope so" Eponine replied

We started walking back towards the wine shop where a large band of men were gathered. I saw the women inside polishing muskets and pistols. Confused I pushed through into the shop floor to find Enjolras retrieving a large flag pole from a corner next to wooden drawers and tables. It had large rectangle of red linen that showed the colour of blood of angry men, a colour that runs deep in his veins and in his men.

I caught his eyes, my heart thumped against my chest and I stepped close so I could see the stubble on his cheeks. "Whats happening?"

"The revolution. Its starting" He replied with a hint of a pirate smile playing on his lips "Adalicia, we are going to be remembered and not forgotten like rats"

"What is the plan?" I asked

"Its Lamarque's funeral procession through Montreal, we will begin a revolt and run back here to begin the barricade. I want you to stay here where I know your safe." He took my hand for the first time sending an electric jolt sparking up my arm; I gasped. "I need to know your safe behind the barricade"

I placed a hand on his cheek feeling his warm skin under my own cold fingers. I almost cried when I said the words "Be careful, I mean it" then I couldn;t help myself, I stretched up and my lips met his in a tender kiss. His hand let go of mine and knotted itself firmly in my hair as he deepened the first real kiss I've ever had. It was warm and loving with a hint of desparation. I have never knew of flying till now, I felt as if I was soaring through the starry night sky with one touch of his lips.

When our lips parted as I found myself grounded once more. "Be back soon" I whispered

He nodded with a certain confirmation that told he he would or die trying.

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