Love in a hopeless place - Enjolras and Adelicia- les mis fanfiction

Well this story is basically an idea I came up whilst watching Les miserables, one of the many weird places where a story pops up into my head. The title was very last minute an anyways its a short story about Enjolras Marius's friend and a peasant girl who's brothers are Gavroche and Alain. She is telling the story of how she fell in love with Enjolras the night before the barricade and how she came to feel love in the poor streets of montreal after a hard upbringing. She tells the story of love and suffering and hope.


1. Meeting Enjolras

He was a Soldier

A fighter of freedom

A man with the firm belief of a better tomorrow if only we do something about it. If only we fight. He had a belief that by becoming the revolution we would become the change or die trying. He'd rather fight and die for change than sit back and pray for it. After all God gave us this earth how we choose and what we do with it depends on us, the change is our outcome.

He taught me that.

He is Enjolras. A peasant like myself on the streets of Montreal, France. Its dirty, filthy and unclean. The stench is everything and anything, blood, sweat, sewage, alcohol, desparation, hunger. He is a beacon of light, a flicker of hope to us beggars. I remember the time I first saw him standing on a wooden platform next to Marius at the centre of montreal outside the large grand white bank. His sandy coloured hair more copper in the sun set into mussed waves abut his head making him appear rugged and rustic. His stormy blue eyes I decided held the spirit of his soul, they held hope and determination that I longed to see. His face sharp and smooth all at once with a strong hard set jawline. A stubble on his cheeks and around his full mouth that spoke fiercely brave words.

He had dressed in his signature red tailed jacket buttoned and short to the naval at the front and two tails at the back. Underneath a blue grey waistjacket, white shirt and navy scarve matching his navy trousers with buckled shoes. I myself wore my plain green dress witha grey skirt witha knitted shawl round my shoulder, nothing special. My brothers had run off to see what they could pinch from the rich and middle class in exchange for some type of edible morsel. I watched this man stand proud drumming up support and determination from the crowd. I felt goosebumbs run up my arms but that could always be the incessant chill from the coming winter. He placed on the revolutionary badge on his left side, blue in the centre then frills out to white then red.

I swear in that moment of fist raising and cheering his eyes flickered to me. I stood transfixed in my spot on the cobbles. My heart beat eradically and I felt heat rise in my cheeks. Swallowing I watched his eyes look back at the crowd. He cheered again and the crowd echoed his cheer in hundreds times more. Fists raised in agreement as they wore the baged of revolution invoking in the spirit of the meaning. More shouting and cheering. His eyes found mine again and I nodded in agreement. A small smile played on his lips before we heard the clapping of hooves on the street.

Thats when the soldiers came and drove us all back to our filthy pits where at the end of the day its just another day over unless there is change. They beat at who they can, we are slaves too them, scum of the street nothing more than a rat or a stone in their shoes. We are not human beings to them only to each other. In that moment a horse suddenly appeared in front of me, I gasped and jumped back. A soldier in red and blue raised a baton. I raised my arms, crossed above me anticipating the pain of the baton smacking my flesh. As his shadow crossed mine with the rise and strike, I heard the smack but never felt it. Lowering my arms I remember looking up to see the baton in another hand and a head of sandy mussed up hair. Him. Enjolras.

"Beat a woman?" He shouted at the soldier "Have some respect"

Thats when his hand touched the skin of my shoulder and I felt no chill, no more. The soldier hit anther and went clopping away. I caught myself in his eyes so stormy blue, soft and kind with a firey flame that will never be burnt out even in sleep.

"You okay, miss?" His first words to me, deep enough to make my heart melt.

I think I nodded and gathered my shawl "Yes, sir, Thankyou"

He then placed a strand of hair behind my ear, smiled, lines creased round his eyes. "I'm Enjolras, miss"

"Adalicia, sir" I said shyness coating my voice then in his prescence.

"Adalicia" he repeated a breathlessness slighting his voice. He smiled " Come, we need to get ut of here before the soldiers come back"

I let his arm grasp mine with a gentle firmness I never known before and followed him through the dispersing crowd and over injured bodies laid on the street before entering the backstreets where we lived. It didn;t take long, a few blocks till the dirt and steamy streets lined with beggars and the starving and the poor appeared. He took me straight to a house in the side before a fork in the street separated by a large house. This is where he planned the barricade. He led me to his house and up to the wooden stairs where an assembly of men and women sat around a table drinking wine and eating what little they had collected, bread and meat mainly.

"This is the barricade. Our Soldiers" he had said to me leaning in my ear. his breath warm and soft on my face. "We have a few young uns over there too"

I looked to where he pointed and saw a blonde curly haired boy with hair like my own only shorter and a brown shorted haired next to him, each with the mischeivious grin of a clown. My Brothers. I smiled "They are my brothers"

Gavroche and Alain, six and seven, small and tiny but cunning and smart. They were still only small but as street smart as any other grown man. Gavroche had my blue eyes, Alain had my fathers brown. Gavroche with scruffy blonde hair held up something shiny in his hand and I stepped forward to see a gold bracelet. It was beautifly crafted intricate and obviously a womens bracelet. Alain handed me rubies set into a gold necklace and I placed it straight int my pocket sown into my skirt.

"They will feed us for a week, good work boys" I said, there will be bread and meat this week and maybe just maybe a slice of cake. I went to put the bracelet I was fond of into my pocket when a hand stopped me. I gasped at the electric pulse that ran down my arm and looked up into Enjolras's eyes once more; a flicker of amusement held there.

"There's no reason why you can;t have pretty things just because the rich can afford to." He said with a hidden malice and a soft tone. He slipped the bracelet from my hand into his and unlacted the gold latch. "We have plenty of food here"

He slid it round my wrist, it felt like silk and moved like the water in the flowing river glowing in the candle light. It tickled my skin only slightly and I stared in awe at it round my skinny wrist. It was so beautiful and lovely and I couldn't help but remember that it could feed my brothers and I for a week. I smile faintly "It would feed us for a week, Enjolras, as much as I'd like to accept it there is food we must eat to live, you understand?"

His hand touched my shoulder again "Oh I understand." He smiled "Think of it as a gift from me then maybe it won't seem so bad. My dear Adalicia, we have enough food here to share between us all for a few months, we planned it all early and saved up food, do not worry"

"I couldn't possibly interfere there must be no room for us to stay here" I told him looking around at the full room. "We sleep on the streets there is plenty of room there"

Both his hands came to my shoulders then "I beg of you not stay on the streets when there is warmth and comfort here. You will catch your death on the streets especially with the incoming winter, please I beg of you to stay here with us"

I smiled and nodded as warmth ran through my veins "Yes, only if its no trouble"

His fingers then entwined with mine "No trouble at all, Gavroche and Alain often stay here during the day" He turned to the room "Brothers, sisters we have a new member to renagade with us, Adalicia, Sister of Gavroche and Alain, she will fight with us"

"Why she is a woman, Enjolras have you gone mad" Marius said shaking his head, he took a sip of wine from his metal cup. "She cannot be front line, have you lost your senses as well as your obvious heart?"

"You have lost your mind my dear Marius" Enjolras threw back at him "With a ghost of a girl and with that you have lost your senses. Collette, I believe she is making you foolish when there is a barricade to defend and a brave new world to obtain and uphold. There will be time for that later"

"So what is Adelicia to do, brother?" Marius asked his cheeks flushed with embarressment or anger, I couldn't decide but Enjolras was right there can be affection to show but when it came to this battle any foolishness must take a step back. Feelings can remain but cannot cloud the head or the mind as we need to concentrate on the purpose at hand.

I felt him look at me "She will be in the background loading our muskets and pistols and tending to the injured" I nodded squeezing his hand in encouragement. "She shall stay with us, I will prepare a bed and she will help in any way she can"

"Very well" Marius said nodding "She can stay and help, but I warn you miss its not going to be easy and much gore and suffering will come of this till we are successful"

I nodded slightly "I am no stranger to suffereing nor am I to hardship and pain. I dare say not to grief either my own parents died of the cold one winter when I was a young girl and my brothers were only babes so sir Marius I am ready"

Marius stared at me then with newfound respect I think and his head dipped slightly agreeing to me. I think that was the first time I was accepted not only into someones heart but into a sort of family filled with tough women and brave men. And I felt it too.

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