Chocolates for my Valentine.

Elle is alone on valentines day... Again. This 17 year old is tired of being such an introvert; she's tired of hiding behind her books and coffee. This valentines day, things are going to change.


1. The Boy With a Guitar.

She was sitting in her arm chair, curled up in the most uncomfortable position possible. She was so captivated by every word on the page. Her eyes never left the page... Until her stomach made this retched noise. She hadn't eaten all day. With her hair in a messy bun, flannel pajama pants, sweater and boots, she grabbed her purse and keys. Stuffing her wallet and romance novel in her bag, she left her flat.

In roughly 3 minuets time, she reached the market. The doors opened to reveal a pink and red commercialized mess. She hated valentines day... It was just a Hallmark Holliday used to amplify the fact that she had never had a boyfriend; she had books. Shaking the thought out of her head, she walked over to the sweets section. Since it was valentines night, most of the sweets were on sale. She wandered up and down the aisle until she found her favorite bag of chocolates that were covered in pink and red foil. She would have purchased the normal ones, but these were cheaper.


He was playing his guitar in the park, being ignored by couples in love all day. He was suffocating his loneliness with the strumming of his 6 stringed instrument. The sounds this instrument produced were beautiful, but the song he played was a love song for a girl he never met. Girls only saw him as a friend, which killed him inside. He had so much love to give and no one to give it to. When he was ready to break down and cry, he would pick up his guitar and let the music flow out of him; he always spontaneously wrote songs in his deepest moments.

All of these couple in love were making him ill. He grabbed his guitar and walked. He didn't know where he was going, but his feet sure did. On the other hand, maybe his gut was leading him because he ended up at the market. This boy was always hungry. He went straight to the sweets (of course). He was stopped in his tracks when he saw the most interesting, lovely, human being he had ever seen. He walked over to her.


As I was reaching for the bag, a hand fell on top of mine. I hadn't noticed someone else was in the same aisle, let alone standing next to me. I made eye contact and in that moment, butterflies erupted in my stomach.

I didn't know how to approach her, so I reached for the same bag of sweets she did. I put my hand on top of hers. She looked into my eyes for a brief moment...

"Hi" she blushed ever so slightly.
"H-hi" I stuttered like an idiot.
"Oh, umm you can have those."
She was referring to the chocolates. "No no no, let me buy them for you." She thanked me as we walked to the register. I completely forgot about my hunger; it was replaced by butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I bought the chocolates and exited the store.

"So, why are you alone on valentines day?"
"I dislike it, there is no purpose behind the holliday." Gross, I'm starting to sound like my dad...
"What about you?" He pondered the thought for a moment.
"I guess the same reason. Also never having a girl like me made the day a bit bitter for me." He has never had a girlfriend?!? He doesn't even know my name... I am so stupid!
"Oh, well my name is Elle." I extended my hand for a hand shake.
"I'm Niall." He took my hand and kissed it ever so lightly. Ugh, I have never been so jealous of my own hand before... I retracted my hand and blushed. "You look so beautiful tonight, I can't begin to comprehend why you are alone tonight of all nights..." I reached up to tuck a strand if hair begging my ear when I realized my hair was still in a bun. I was still wearing lounge pants, a jumper, and boots... I look a mess!
"I look disgusting, I'm not even wearing make up."
"That's the thing, you don't have to try. You have such natural beauty." Smooth Niall. I wasn't lying though, she really did look nice. It started to drizzle. I removed my jacket and put it over her head. We started running for shelter. We found refuge under a gazebo at the near by park. As we hit the safety of the over hang, it started to pour. Lucky us.
"Hungry?" She asked with a smirk playing on her soft pink lips. I realized that my stomach sounded like a dying whale... A LOUD dying whale. A crimson color over came my cheeks. She had the cutest laugh... She opened the bag if chocolates and handed me one.

As he ate the chocolate I decided to spark a conversation, "You play guitar?" Nice Elle, keep it simple. I give myself little pep talks from time to time...
With a mouthful of chocolates he responded "I dabble" followed by a cheeky wink. "Prove it." I said sternly, almost in a mocking tone. He gave me this look that said "I'll show you!" He picked up the instrument and began to play. He even started to sing; it was quiet at first, but he got louder as he gained confidence.

"Oh, her eyes- her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining. Her hair- her hair falls perfectly without her trying. She's so beautiful, and I tell her everyday.."

Even though he had jut begun, I had tear in my eyes. I've heard the song a million times, but this time, it sounded different. There was passion behind it. He stopped playing when he saw my tears.
"Elle, are you okay? Was that crossing the line? In sorry... I'm so so sorry! I just- I really like you. We haven't know each other for very long and I-" he was talking so fast. I grabbed his face and we kissed. We clicked. It just happened. I didn't need to ask, it just felt right in the moment. I pulled away for a brief moment.
"Niall, I am more than okay. I am more okay than you could imagine. I really like you too. Like, really really." He gave me a toothy grin and hi eyes lit up; my smile imitated his, and I'm sure my eyes did the same.

I pulled her out from the safety of the park gazebo into the rain. We stood there and kissed. In that moment, we were infinite. Time was nonexistent, we were nonexistent. I was so bitter on valentines day... Until I met Elle Leigh Bennett.

I'm not the spontaneous type, I've never had a boyfriend, and no one has ever called my beautiful; but tonight is different. I spontaneously ran away with a stranger, the stranger said I was beautiful even though I looked disgusting, and I've never had a boyfriend... Until tonight... Until I met Niall James Horan.
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