Life With Niall Horan

Jaylynn Ordell had one wish. That wish is to meet Niall Horan. Jaylynn has been obsessed with Niall for a while. She meets him and he just ignores her thinking she some crazy fan! Finally he starts hanging out with her and soon fall into love. But there was one obstacle. Will their love survive?


2. The Answer


            "Get back in the bath right now!" mom shouts to Sally. Sally just rolls her eyes and says, "I just want to have my Mickey Mice toy." "Mouse," Jaylynn reminded her sis.

             "Sorry hun. What was that question you wanted to ask?" 

"So about my job. I was wondering if I should quit. Be-"

"Is someone being mean. Did you meet a guy who doesn't like animals?

"No I feel like the pet store isn't enough of a challenge and it's dead there"

"I'm gonna go upstairs and make a few calls"

I walk up stairs with a little water on my feet across the carpet and to Tommy's door

"Tommy I need my diary. Would you mind sliding it under the door" A few seconds later my fuzzy cheetah print was slid under the door. I feel like him taking my diary and the application there was no accident.

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