Life With Niall Horan

Jaylynn Ordell had one wish. That wish is to meet Niall Horan. Jaylynn has been obsessed with Niall for a while. She meets him and he just ignores her thinking she some crazy fan! Finally he starts hanging out with her and soon fall into love. But there was one obstacle. Will their love survive?


1. A Day At The Ordell's House

          "Mom, Tommy tore down my 1D posters again!" That's Jaylynn Ordell she has an annoying little brother named Tommy as you can tell. She is a big fan of One Direction, especially Niall James Horan. 

          "That's what you get for not letting me be the oldest!", Tommy shouts. Slam! Went Tommy's bedroom door. Jaylynn tries opening his door but gives up because Tommy is sitting behind it. 

         Finally someone comes running upstairs. " I heard dat. Did you get him in touble? Did he tear down your handshome 1D pooster? I kick he butt!!!!"

      Jaylynn looks behind her. Nobody is in sight. "HI!" a little girls shouts. "Down here" 

         Jaylynn looks down. "Oh hi  sal-"

         "Sally Susan Ordell! Get down here this second! Who said you could run out of the bath to upstairs with only a bathrobe on?" a voice shouts from below.

           "Sally, why would you do that? Get down there before mom finds out you tracked bubbles upstairs," Jaylynn suggested.

            " But...... but.... but," Sally stutters with a doggy face and her wet, curly, brown hair, dripping on the floor.

            " Hurry," Jaylynn says. Jaylynn walks in her room. She looks on her bed. Something was missing. Her diary. Jaylynn looks all around her room. Something catches her eye. It was an application to Nando's. Should she work there and quit her job at the pet store? Jaylynn thinks for a few seconds. She thinks in her head, "if I work at Nando's I will probably start hating it even more. I will stay at the pet store because what if they put gross stuff in the food?" Nonsense she thinks. Jaylynn runs downstairs were  she finds her mom and Sally in the bathroom.

           "AHH SHOO I NAKIE!" Sally shouts embarrassed

.          " hey mom quick question sh-"

          "NO!!!" shouts mom.



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