Love like you've never been hurt.

There's always the popular guy at school who can have any girl he wants whenever he wants them, and there's always the unpopular girl who can't really get anyone period. But what happens when the two fall in love? You see it in movies and think 'yeah, like that ever really happens'. But it really does. Read this story to find out how young Marianna Jimenez falls in love with Jacob Williams as if she has never been hurt.


8. :)

                                                                     **Marianna's Point of View**



                       I took a deep breath and finally said "Yes, I'll give you ONE chance but keep in mind Jacob, I've been hurt far too much to be able or willing to even think about second chances." 

  "I completely understand but please, come stay with me for the night at least. We have a guest bedroom you can stay in and I have a sister who is just about your size, maybe a bit bigger in shirt sizes given the fact that she has GINORMOUS  boobs like abnormal for any girl with natural boobs, no offense to you or anything but-"

 "I'd stay at your house but face it, you're parents wouldn't allow it. And I'd never be able to go home because my father would be much too angry with me. I'm sorry but please take me home" I said looking away.

   "Marianna, my parents are too enveloped in their work to care and besides given the circumstances, they wouldn't care even if they weren't obsessed with their work." He said turning my head to face him once more and looked at me with pleading eyes.

 "Fine, but only one night that way when I get back to my father won't be as angry as he would if I was to stay multiple nights.'' 

"Alright, but you don't ever have to go back there you know that right? I mean surely you have other family I mean what about your granparents? Or aunts and uncles, cousins even!? There has to be someone." He said.

 "My mom died when I was six, my dad cut me off then, I wouldn't even know if any of them were still alive" I said honestly.

   "You can't live with him though. He might end up seriously hurting or even killing you some day!" He said. sounding worried.

  "I know but that someday will be a little but farther away if I go home tomorrow. Jacob trust me please just trust me." I said shakily.

  "Marianna, please just trust me, he won't ever hurt you again if you  me come stay with me for a while please." 

 "I can't Jacob! I just can't it's as simple as that!


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