Love like you've never been hurt.

There's always the popular guy at school who can have any girl he wants whenever he wants them, and there's always the unpopular girl who can't really get anyone period. But what happens when the two fall in love? You see it in movies and think 'yeah, like that ever really happens'. But it really does. Read this story to find out how young Marianna Jimenez falls in love with Jacob Williams as if she has never been hurt.


3. Wait, WHAT!?

Wait, did the new kid just defend me?

     "Are you seriously defending a low life like her!? I mean really?" Hannah said sound very unharmed by his words.

    "Yup, I sure am and just wondering, how do you know she's a lowlife? I mean have you ever taken the chance to actually get to know her for real? I mean if you're wasting all of your time being a jerk to her, doesn't that make you a lowlife?" He spat back at her.

   "I'm not a lowlife!" She retorted clearly hurt by what he had said.

   "Clearly you are! ju-" He started but was interrupted by Hannah kissing he quickly pushed her off of him.

    "Seriously!? You really have NO life do you!?" He said clearly annoyed.

   "Oh just shut up and kiss me again, I love your lips!" She said moving toward him.

  "Don't touch me you hoe! Get a life!" He said turning to me grabbing my wrist lighting and walking away gently pulling me close behind him.

   Maybe all cute and fit boys aren't bad..... I thought to my self.

       "Sorry about that, I wanted to introduce myself to you without that snotty little girl all up in my face." He said all ghetto.

I chuckled a little bit at that.

      "Well, I'm Jacob." He said reaching his hand out for me to shake so I did not wanting to seem rude, but when I did I got this weird feeling in my tummy.

      "I'm Marianna, but you can just call me Mari."  I said retrieving my hand from him second after they shook.

      "Well Mari, if you don't mind, could you show me around." He asked.

  "Sure, let me just see you're schedule. Oh it looks like we have all the same classes." I said as he handed me the white sheet of paper. well, here goes nothing. I thought to myself.

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