Love like you've never been hurt.

There's always the popular guy at school who can have any girl he wants whenever he wants them, and there's always the unpopular girl who can't really get anyone period. But what happens when the two fall in love? You see it in movies and think 'yeah, like that ever really happens'. But it really does. Read this story to find out how young Marianna Jimenez falls in love with Jacob Williams as if she has never been hurt.


2. School.

                                                                            **Marianna's point of view**


"Marianna, get your ass up for school!!" My dad screamed. He must be drunk figures a much.

"I'm up dad!" I yelled downstairs

             I got up and walked to my small closet to pick out what to wear. I decided on a pair of pink skinnies and a simple loose blank top with a pink tank top underneath. It's not the best I can do but it's Monday so cares right? Anyways I grabbed me school bag and my iPhone and walked downstairs

     "Morning dad." I said trying to sound happy,

      "Morning eat and get out of my house." He replied coldly.

         "Alright bye." I said as I grabbed a piece of toast.

        I walked out of the door to the school. It was close enough that I could just walk, it only took ten minutes to get there. When I walked into the door I notice someone new, he was REALLY cute! But with is looks and his build, he was going to be pretty darn popular. Especially since he was talking to Hannah Johnson, a.k.a, the most popular girl in school. So he's pretty much going to hate me. As I walked past them of course Hannah had something snotty to say.

         "Oh look, there goes Marianna a.k.a the ugliest girl in school. Aww poor baby are you gonna cry."

I dont know where it came from but I suddenly got a urge of confidence.

              "Okay look Hannah, I'm really tired of this shit! I don't know what I ever did to you but I'm done with your b.s! Oh and by the way you know they say people who make fun of other people are just insecure about themselves and just spit balling here but im guessing that your insecurity is probably you ginormous ugly gray eyes! Ughhh they scare the hell out of me with them bugging out of your head all the time" As soon as I said it, everyone stopped moving and you could here all of there  ooooooooo's and aaaaaaaa's. And honestly it made me laugh. 

   "Alright I know I'm new here and all, but she kinda has a point, Hannah is it? You kinda are mean to her for no reason and she's not the ugliest girl in the school, to be honest in my eyes, you are maybe not on the outside but on the outside your damn straight you are!"



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