Love like you've never been hurt.

There's always the popular guy at school who can have any girl he wants whenever he wants them, and there's always the unpopular girl who can't really get anyone period. But what happens when the two fall in love? You see it in movies and think 'yeah, like that ever really happens'. But it really does. Read this story to find out how young Marianna Jimenez falls in love with Jacob Williams as if she has never been hurt.


14. Night Terrors.

  I was really cold. It was dark, so dark infact, that I couldn't see anything. I looked frantically around only to be met by more darkness. Suddenly I heard the most terrifying sound in the entire world, His laugh... My mind was racing with thoughts as to what to do. I couldn't see anything, meaning no exit. His laugh was getting closer. I broke into a sprint. I still couldn't see anything, and to be honest, I was trippin out. I ran and ran untill I couldn't feel my legs, only to be met by his painful embrace. I screamed and cried and thrashed around.

"Mari, Mari wake up. Babe!?" Jake said bringing me out of my nightmare.

 "Jacob??" I said crying.

"Yeah, it's me. Babe are you okay?"

  "Yeah, just a bad dream"


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