Sex times 5

***sexual scenes


3. Three-som with Mega Malik and Naughty Niall

Harry ran to the store so I left. I went to Nialls house. He was waiting by the door naked. We ran upstairs. Zayn was sitting on the bed also naked. His penis was close to my face then I knew he wanted a GOOD blowjob. They both pulled off my clothes. Niall started to lick my vagina. Zayn went to the bathroom and came back with a vibrator. He shoved it into me, turned it on, and grabbed the other side of it. He moved it up and down almost humping me with it. Niall grabbed my boobs and Zayn put two fingers in my vagina. He curled his fingers and hit my g-spot. Niall and I started making out. Zayn sucked my nipples and I griped Nialls penis. I put my finger on the tip. It was his turn first. I kissed Nialls stomach and made my way down to his penis. I griped it. His boner was getting bigger. I shoved it into my mouth sucking hard. I then started to almost make out with it. He moaned loudly. I bit it and put my tongue on the tip. Zayn pushed me away and picked up and took me into the shower. Zayn immediately went inside me. I was up against the wall while he was thrusting in me. I grabbed his butt. Niall then came in. He tried to put his penis in me while Zayn was in me. It hurt but I managed. One sucked my nipples and the other made out with me. I grabbed both their penises. Rubbing my finger up and down. Zayn whispered "i still need my blowjob." I pulled his penis out of me (Nialls was still in me.) I bent down and sucked, licked,bit, and kissed his penis. He was huge! I ran into the bedroom and layer on top of them. I shoved Nialls penis into me and I started to hump him. I moved in and out. I fell asleep with Zayn licking my vagina and Niall touching and sucking my boobs. I give them a 9 because I did most of the work.
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