Sex times 5

***sexual scenes


5. That's what friends are for.

I had not seen my insanely sexy boys in the longest time and i thought it was time to introduce my friend Valerie to them. She was gorgeous with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. And her hair wasn't the only thing dirty about her. Like me she extremely enjoyed sex. Anal sex, finger sex, oral sex you name it she loves it. I guess you could call her and me sex addicts. So anyway I brought her to see Niall because I figured they might fool around a little. We approached Niall as he was walking in the door. I emedietly introduced them, and they hit off pretty quick. Niall invited us in and we sat on the couch. Valerie was so nervous to meet him she ran into the bathroom because she thought she was going to vomit. She was in there a while and Niall finally said he was going to check on her. Well he was gone for a while too so I went to find them. I found them n Niall's bed making out. Niall was rubbing her boobs and clit at the same time. Valerie was getting so aroused. She began thrusting into the air. They didn't see me so I stayed and watched the show. Niall was still gently kissing as he slipped off her turquoise lace undies. He then kissed her from the neck back down to where he was rubbing his clit. He took his hand away and started fondling her vagina with his tongue. Kissing, rubbing, pulling, tugging, tickling. Everything possible he could have done with it. He then got up and went into the bathroom that was connected to his room and came out with a vibrator. Valerie's eyes widened with excitement. She told him she had never used one before. He sated " oh darling don't worry. Its just like my dick but it vibrates. This is only until I get rock hard and then I will put my dick into you." He turned it on and slowly went a little in and then quickly pulling out. Teasing her with the dildo. She was moaning so loud and was getting wet it was making me wet. That's when I started putting my hand down my pants and rubbing my own clit. My moans must have gotten louder because Niall turned off the dildo and said "Olivia are you pleasing yourself" I replied with a head nod and Niall said " that's my job come over here a let me please you" So I did that's he took off his pants and I took off mine. I gave him a blow job while on my knees and as I was doing that he was sucking Valerie's pussy. Thats when he thrusted into me and was whispering into my ear. It turned me on so much! He was going in and out until he said he had a load coming. He went out of me and I knelt down on my knees waiting for his hot cum. The load of white cum shot all over my face and into my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it. By that time Valerie wanted some of her own. Niall then layer her down gently on the bed put some lube on and rubbed his dick before thrusting into her. She couldn't take it any longer and took his dick and pushed it into her tight pussy. She was screaming and moaning that it felt so good. They were kissing and he was rubbing her boobs once again. By this time I had shoved two fingers into my own pussy. Goodness he feeling of sex is amazing. Niall had told her that he was going to hit her g-spot and he did. Within seconds she had squirted all over the sheets on the bed and Niall's hot Cum was on her pussy. We all laid there for seconds before getting cleaned up. My heart was racing and I could tell theirs was too. We eventually got up and changed the sheets and left. In the car ride home neither of us said a word to each other. But I could tell by the expression on her face that was sone of the best sex she had ever had.
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