Sex times 5

***sexual scenes


1. Perfect payne and Olivia

He slowly took my clothes off with aggression. He wanted me, I could tell by his HUGE boner. He took my bra off in one fluid motion. He then slowly took off his boxers and shirt. He pointed to his penis saying "I'm ready." I kneeled on the ground slowly leaned in and opened my mouth. He moaned loudly as I sucked harder. He picked me up and threw me against the wall asking if I'm ready. I nodded. He grabbed my hips and thrusts into me and held himself in me. I looked at him with pleasure. I loved him right now. He was now going harder than ever. After he pulled himself out of me, I gave him another amazing blowjob. He grappled my boobs and started to suck my nipples. He started licking and kissing me all over. I was moaning like crazy. His warm breath on my body gave me the thrill of a lifetime. He started experimenting in different places. My vagina tingled as he touched and licked around. I collapsed I was done for today.
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