Sex times 5

***sexual scenes


4. Lucky louis

The next day was Louis birthday. He came over and the boys made him breakfast. They had forgotten to get bacon, so Niall and Zayn both ran to the store. Within a matter of seconds Louis clothes were off. We both pulled off my clothes and I have him a hard blowjob. I bit his penis really hard i moved my tongue around sucking really hard. I started to kiss it and put my lips on the tip and kissed it and bit it one last time. He said "stop, I wanna play dirty truth or dare." We got on the floor and i went first. I told him to put his underwear back on. After he did that, I slowly slid my hands down his pants and put my finger on the tip of his penis. He suddenly pulled away and threw me against the wall. He slid his tongue inside my vagina. He was licking and sucking. He moved up to my boobs. He played with my nipples before inserting his penis in me. He moved up and down like a roller coaster. He then started to make out. I loved his soft lips and his little tongue. I then dared him to have shower sex with me. We both ran there. He massaged my vagina before putting one finger in me and pressing on my g-spot. I corned him and thrusted his huge penis into my vagina. I was thrusting and moving in every direction possible. I loved to move up an down better. I pushed hard and then I knew his penis couldn't go any farther. Now i was crazy. Oh, the pleasure I felt. He started to hump me and he went really fast. We made out for another 30 minutes and we even used a vibrator! While making out his penis stayed on me the whole time! I give him an 11 because I love morning sex and he penis is so phenomenal.
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