Sex times 5

***sexual scenes


2. Huge Harry and Olivia

I told Liam I didn't feel well and that I had plans with Harry. I left and drove to Harry's house. Currently the temperature is 90 degrees. I happily walked into Harry's backyard because he was in the pool swimming. He was skinny dipping. I quickly ripped off my clothes because his penis was tempting me. He started kissing me and then started to lick my vagina. I moaned and he stuck two fingers inside of me hitting my g-spot. He grabbed my boobs and sucked my nipples. I reached down to give him a blowjob. I sucked, bit, and licked his penis. He was huge. I loved it. He threw me in pool and grapped my hips. He slowly slid his penis inside of me thrusting hard. He literally hit my g-spot every thrust. He stopped and started to kiss me. I would rate him a 10 tonight. Only because I love pool sex.
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