Me and You

A group of friends are all falling for the same guy, Liam Payne. They just don't know they all like the same guy. Everyone knows Baylee likes him. No one knows Tammi and Kelsey like him. Baylee, Kelsey, and Tammi are all madly in love with him. He's popular. Captain of the football team. There's just one flaw.


2. Secrets come out

Tammi's POV

I know Baylee likes Liam so much and all, but there's a secret about me she doesn't know. Kelsey doesn't know my secret either. I don't know how I've kept it from them from so long and I don't know how much longer i can keep it from them. I plan on keeping it a secret for as long as I can. I know it's bad to keep this rumor from my friends, but if they found out they'd embarrass me like i embarrass Baylee. Maybe I should tell them. Maybe they should know that I like Liam as well and that over the summer we were almost a thing, but then I went and pushed him away and we haven't talked since. I still like him a lot though. I also like one of Liam's friends, Niall. He's not as popular, but still really good looking. Should I tell them? Here goes nothing, "Kelsey, Baylee there's something I really need to tell you. Baylee, you might hate me forever because I never told you this, but here goes.. Me.. Umm.. Liam.." I'm starting to cry now. I can't do this, not now anyways. "What about you? What about Liam? Tammi what's going on? You need to tell me," says Baylee. "I can't do this right now or right here," I say as I walk away from her and go into the bathroom. I check my phone..1 New Message. Who could that be from? I wonder maybe I'll check it now, quickly. I see the name and can't read it now or here or else I'll start crying again.

Baylee's POV

I wonder what that was all about. She needed to tell me something, said my crushes name that said se just couldn't tell me. She ran into the bathroom. Maybe I'll go check on her to see what's wrong. "Tammi? Are you in here?" No answer. Wait a minute. That's her ringtone. "You're insecure, don't know what for..." "Tammi, come out here! I think we need to talk." She comes out of the third stall. "Listen..I, I mean we. Me and Liam were almost a thing this summer. And I still like him. I pushed him away so he hasn't talked to me since," Tammi says. I can't believe this. They were almost a thing? And she never told me? "And one more thing," she says, "when I got in here I got a text's from Liam. He said..."
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