Me and You

A group of friends are all falling for the same guy, Liam Payne. They just don't know they all like the same guy. Everyone knows Baylee likes him. No one knows Tammi and Kelsey like him. Baylee, Kelsey, and Tammi are all madly in love with him. He's popular. Captain of the football team. There's just one flaw.


1. Just a Normal Day at School

Baylee's POV

"There he is," said Tammi, "I know you like him, we all do." By we she meant all of my group of friends. I do like him, a lot. Liam Payne. Everyone's dream boy at our school. Not only is he popular, he's on the swim team. He plays volleyball at our local beach, and he's the captain of the football team. My friend is right I do like him, not like he talks to me though. Why would he do that I'm just a nobody. Yeah I may play a few sports, but I'll never be popular enough to ever talk to him. I'd be lucky if he bumped into me in the hallway by accident. Never in a million years would that even happen though. I cath myself staring at him and starting to drool. Oops. "Go talk to him you know you want to," Tammi and Kelsey say. "I can't. I'll freeze up. We have a class together and I luck out whenever we eat partners that the teacher chooses and it's not me. I can barely talk in front of the class without freezing. That's math class, my favorite and best subject. I do we'll in math except for having Liam in my class. I'd do so well if I didn't have him in there for me to focus on. I started crushing on him at the beginning of the year when I ran into him walking into class on the first day. "Guys you know we have math together and I struggle in that class because he's in there. How am I supposed to talk to him now?" I ask them. "Girl you need to get over this fear of talking to him," Tammi and Kelsey say this almost in sync. Liam is almost perfect. He's on all the teams. He could be to be popular. He has one flaw..
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