Me and You

A group of friends are all falling for the same guy, Liam Payne. They just don't know they all like the same guy. Everyone knows Baylee likes him. No one knows Tammi and Kelsey like him. Baylee, Kelsey, and Tammi are all madly in love with him. He's popular. Captain of the football team. There's just one flaw.


3. Fixing things

Baylee's POV

How could she do this to me? she kept it from me for this long? What kind of friend is she? she knows I like him. I never thought she would like him. No wonder she does talk about last summer like she normally talks about her summers. Usually she'll go on and on and on about what she did, who she saw, who she hung out with, and even who she'd dated, but not this summer. I guess this summer things changed. It is true i started liking him at the beginning of the year so I guess I can't be mad at her. Wait a minute she said he texted her. What did he say? I need to know! "Tammi, what did the text say?" "We need to talk," she said.

Tammi's POV

That is one of the scariest text messages you can get. When I get this kind of message I freak out about what they are gonna say. Maybe he wants to talk about us becoming a thing again. Probably not though. I wish he wanted that. I know I sure do. Baylee would probably kill me in my sleep if I did this. I pictured me and Liam being the cutest couple to ever walk the earth. I may have told him this once, okay maybe a couple times. He said he thought so too, then when we had a chance to do stuff he ditched me..if my friends had known about our almost relationship they may have thought it was yet except for Baylee she probably wouldn't talk to me for a week until she it over it. Ain't nobody gonna stop me from finding my true love though. And I think maybe, just maybe he could be the one I can call my forever. He's the perfect boy. Not only is he popular, he's on the swim team. He plays volleyball at our local beach, and he's the captain of the football team.

Kelsey's POV

I don't really care who dates who, but honestly I'm jealous of Tammi. I mean she is popular, but takes time to be friends with some nerds and old people. Anyways, she's dirty blonde, has blue eyes, has an amazing smile even tho her teeth are crooked. She's a natural around the camera. And yeah. She may not be the skinniest, but that's because she's athletic not like half the people in school. Most people are scared to do sports because they don't want muscular, kinda bulky looking legs, but Tammi? Tammi don't care what any y'all think. She will embrace her fitness even though she's not the tallest or skinniest. She's a true person that should be with Liam. Not like Baylee who's a fake. She tries to copy Tammi ALL the time. The only difference between Tammi and Baylee is Baylee weighs less and doesn't do sports, but as we know Tammi is the opposite. Baylee is all makeup. Tammi on the other hand barely ever wears makeup, maybe occasionally to cover up a blemish. But that's about it. There's still a secret about Liam I don't think either of these two know...
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