How To's

This is literally a book about funny how to's. So title says it all LOL. I want some ice cream...


4. How To Catch A Unicorn


1. A rainbow (if you already have a unicorn it will poop one)

2. A giant Unicorn net

3. Some Unicorn food



1. Go to the end of your rainbow

2. Place some magical Unicorn food at the end of it (you can add glitter for ultra-Unicorn power)

3. Wait for your Unicorn

4. When it finally comes get your giant Unicorn net and take it home

You now should have a magical Unicorn to play with and use. *WARNING* Don't stab yourself with the horn or you will become a Unicorn! Then you will break other people's mirror and eat their ice cream. We wouldn't that would we? Would we Mcfly???

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