We're all a little crazy on the inside.


2. London Heights Treatment Center

Pitter patter, pitter patter.

Tiny droplets of rain tapped against the window, creating a soft a soothing rhythm that made Hailey rest her head on the chilled glass. Her heavy breaths conjured up as a translucent fog, blurring the objects that passed by outside.

"Where are we headed to again, ma'am?" the cab driver asked. He took a glance at Jane Edwards, Hailey's mother, in the rear view mirror. Out of the corner of her eye, Hailey could see multiple tears fall from her mother's blood-shot and baggy eyes.

"London Heights Treatment Center, on the corner of Blackbird and 64th," Jane replied to the driver. She slipped another tissue out of her grey leather handbag, wiping away her freshly fallen tears. The driver nodded his head in response. Jane placed her hand on Hailey's knee. Hailey recoiled in fear and gasped, pushing her hand away and curling up into fetal position against the car door.

"No, no, no..." Hailey pleaded. She began having a panic attack, and began stroking her dark auburn hair, over and over again, hyperventilating as she did so. The driver looked back in alarm as Jane tried to comfort and calm her ill daughter.

"Shh, Hailey, love, everything is alright," Jane said. She tried to reach for Hailey, but Hailey shook her head and pushed away. She continued to stroke her hair obsessively, counting silently in her head.

Twelve... Thirteen... Fourteen...

She stopped counting at 50, and sat back in the seat, still curled up in a tiny ball. After that, she became mute once again. 

"Is she okay back there, ma'am?" the cab driver called back to Jane. 

She met eyes with him in the rear view mirror and nodded, blowing her nose into her already moistened tissue-rag. The car pulled up to a structure that looked much like a grand hotel. Hailey looked up in awe at the brick building. The cab stopped, and the driver got out of the car. Jane had gone around to help Hailey out of the car. Jane grabbed her hand, and Hailey held on for dear life. They slowly approached the doors of London Heights. As they entered the lobby, all eyes shot towards Hailey. A woman with dark chocolate hair from the check in desk called them over. Hailey clutched her mother's hand and they walked towards the desk. 

"Name, please?" the woman asked politely.

"This is my daughter, Hailey Edwards," Jane answered. The woman typed on the desktop computer for a brief moment, searching for Hailey's name in the database.

"Okay, Hailey, this is Veronica, and she's going to show you to your room," the desk clerk pointed to a woman standing on the other side of the desk. She had fair blonde hair and a beautiful smile, one from a princess. she didn't look over twenty one.

"Shall I take you to your room?"

Suddenly, the feeling of unease rushed over Hailey like a crashing tidal wave, and she tightened her grip on her mothers hand.

Jane brought her lips to her ear. "I love you so much, Hailey. Please get better," Jane pulled her into a light and quick embrace before handing her daughter over to Veronica. Hailey began to hyperventilate, shaking her head and pleading for her mother not to leave her. She felt her hand slip away; their fingers slowly unwinding from each others. Hailey's anxiety grew as she watched her mother's figure disappear through the exit, and in the blink of an eye, her mother was gone.

Veronica tapped her on the shoulder. "Hailey?"

She turned around. "Let's go to your room."

Hailey nodded nervously and followed her across the lobby, towards the elevators. As they went up a couple floors, Hailey's heart began to race. She didn't like this place, not at all. After the elevator ride, she followed Veronica down the hotel like hallway, all the way to room 298.

Veronica opened the door and motioned for Hailey to go inside. Timidly, she stepped into the room, and placed her luggage on one of the beds. Hailey noticed there was two other beds in the room.

"Now, there are three beds in here, and there's another room connected to this one that also has three beds. This half of the hallway belongs to you and your roommates. The shower room is at the end of this corridor. You could say this is the like a college dorm room. It was designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible," Veronica said. Hailey looked around and explored her new living space.

"Well, I'll let you settle in, and I'll be back to check on you soon," Veronica exited the room and shut the door behind her.

Hailey sat on the bed that she claimed as her own, curling up into fetal position once again. She never used to be like this. Constantly rough housing with her two older brothers, daring others to eat bugs for money, and scraping her knees from falling off her scooter was just another day in life for Hailey Edwards. Born and raised in beautiful London, England, she was always one to tell crazy and outrageous stories. She would always be the life of any party. But while she was staying out late one night when she was sixteen, she bumped into a boy who was around eighteen or so. At first, she thought he was harmless, but then he grabbed her roughly with one hand, and with the other, he attempted to rub her thighs inappropriately. She then knew he had dangerous intentions. She ended up beating him off of her, but ever since that night, it felt so uneasy to be touched in any way. Whenever one of her brothers would mess around and swing harmlessly at her, she would have a full blown panic attack. After a few years she couldn't handle always being so nervous, and a new obsession with washing her hands a certain amount of times started when she was seventeen years old.

Later in life, more things with counting made her lose control. Hailey stopped going to school when her OCD took over because of how long it would take her to do something. She always started the day off with the amount of times she would brush her hair. Having seen princess movies, she brushed one strand of hair one hundred times to have the softest hair ever. She continued this, not really knowing or thinking these things were unusual. Her hands became raw as she washed them over 50 times a day. She'd loose track of how many times she twisted the door handle when she came home, and spent hours out in the snow trying to perfect something she couldn't understand. Now, her disorder has become so bad that she reads the same page in the same book, over and over again, never turning the page because she doesn't think it is simply perfect. Her mother noticed, and that is why she put her in London Heights. 

Hailey couldn't understand why she was like this. All she knew was that she wanted to get better. She stared up at the plaque above her bed frame. 

We hope your stay here brings you the answers you've been searching for.

"Yes," Hailey thought aloud. "I hope so too."

A/N: I know the boys haven't been introduced yet but I would REALLY love some feedback. :) Next chapter should be up either later today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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