Make a Wish

--my entry for the Valentine's Day with 1D contest--
Every Valentine's Day, something happens to Sydney Andrews. This year, she is turning 18. On Valentine's day. She makes a wish that she met One Direction, and next year, one of them would be hers for Valentine's day. What happens when her wish comes true?


1. Happy 18th Birthday, Sydney!

The sound of the popular tune 'Happy Birthday' is being sung by my family and friends. As the song ends, many 'Make a wish, Sydney!' are shouted from different people. I grab both sides of my long dirty blonde locks, and blow. In my mind, I say "I wish I meet One Direction, and next year on this very day, one of the boys will be mine." I vigorously blow air onto the burning ninety-nine cent candles. Everyone applauds, and the candles are taken out by my mom. We all form a line, me being the first of course. The cake was a vanilla flavoured sweet covered in ocean blue icing with the words 'Happy 18th Birthday, Sydney!' written in a deep dark blue thin icing. My mom cut a slice of the cake, and sat it on the plastic paper plates she bought, and sat a plastic fork and knife on the side. I went and sat at our dining table, and silently nibbled on my cake. Soon enough, all the people I love were gathered around the table, chatting about anything and everything. I was lost in my thoughts of everything when someone tapped my shoulder. "Syd.. earth to Sydney." I looked over and saw it was my brother, Aiden, standing there while snapping his long tanned fingers in my face. "What Aiden?" I said, hinting a bit of annoyance in the question. "Calm down bro, its time to open presents." I smiled and said ok, and we all went to the living room. I sat down on the black leather couch, and Aiden sat on the right side next to me. "Here Sydney, here's a gift from your absolutey handsome and amazing brother." We all laughed at him being so vain and modest, as I tore open the gift. It was a box filled with some gift cards to my favourtie surf store, a few restaraunts, and clothing stores. "Thanks Aiden." He handed me more gifts and after the very last one, I had 20 gift cards, most of them from Aiden, $450 exact, some clothes like jackets, jeans, a dress, and some t-shirts, and a new surf board. The last gift was big, and Aiden had to help me open it. The cardboard box was painted a cheap white colour. I opened the box and inside was a lot of bubble wrap. Aiden took all the bubble wrap and started popping the air filled plastic bubbles. I grabbed a figurine, and saw it was an airplane. Attached to it was a card. I opened the envelope and slipped out the card. It read 'Dear Sydney, this is your very special gift from your mom. Your dad would have been part of this too. I love you babe. Safe flight. xx Mom.' A tear slipped out of my eye. Taped to the blank side of the card, was a plane ticket. I was reading where I would be traveling to. London, England. I will be going to London freakin England in exactly 2 weeks. This will be amazing. I ran and gave my mom a hug, as tears started coming down my tanned face. "Oh my god, thank you so much mom. I promise I will be ok. I love you so much thank you!" My mom squeezed me slighty, and then she kissed my forehead. "Syd, I wouldn't of gave you the ticket if I thought you wouldn't fine. I love you sweetheart. Now Aiden, help your sister take all of her gifts up to her bedroom." Aiden groaned and grabbed some bags. We got all of my presents and  ran up the steps. He opened the door and sat everything down on the floor. I went downstairs to the front door as all my guest left, except Corrie, my best friend. "Hey Sydney, my mom wants to know if Preston and Paris can come over. She is going on some date with this Jeff guy, and she can't babysit tonight." Prestion and Paris were Corrie's twins that she had at 16. She was now 17, and they were only 7 months. "Sure, my mom might wanna watch them. I'll go ask." She nodded and told her mom that I had to ask my mom. "Hey mom, can Corrie's twins stay the night with us? Her mom has some plans tonight." My mom didn't hesitate to think. "Yeah, I just love Preston and Paris. You girls want me to be on grandma duty? We both chuckled. The father of the twins left Corrie, saying he doesn't know if he is ready to be a father, or grow up. Then one day, he was in a wreck.. and he was killed. I've stepped in, helping Corrie ever since. My mom was ok with this, and she has been their other grandma. "Thanks mom, I'll tell Corrie." I went to Corrie and told her she said yes. "Ok mom, Syd's mom is fine with it. We'll be there to get them soon." Corrie and I went to her red convertible, and drove to her house. This was freedom, at its best.

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