Is this Love?

This is my first Movella about One Direction :) It's about a girl called Charlotte who sees the boys crossing the road but they don't realize a truck is coming straight for them. It doesn't take a second for her to start running across the road and diving infront of the truck to save them.. read on to find out what happens ;) (BTW.. In this story, none of the guys have girlfriends) ;) xx JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT ON THE 23RD OF MARCH, I SAW ONE DIRECTION IN BIRMINGHAM! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! <3


15. Week 1 - Harry.

Harry opens the door, and switches on the light in his room, plonking me down onto the edge of the bed, we just sit and stare, me in my satin pajamas and him wearing, well.. not very much at all. I start by staring into his emerald eyes, almost transfixed by how beautiful they are, my eyes glance over his lips and a thought pops up into my mind. 'Imagine what it would be like to kiss those.' I push it away, not because the thought disgusts me but because I've had that thought before, I've wondered what it would be like. Wrenching my eyes away from his lips, I wander them lower, watching his muscles tense as I glance over them, until I reach his waist, that's when it happened. Harry's strong arms pin me to the wall as his lips take over mine, there's nothing I can do but sit there and either kiss him back or not bother. I kiss him back slowly and realize that his lips are so soft like the inside of a petal, he wraps his arms around my back and picks me up, I twist my legs around his back and the kiss deepens, it was nice, I hadn't felt this way in a long time. After about half a minute, he places me down gently, not letting go of one of my hands and takes me to bed, where I fall asleep in his arms.


I get woken up to the sound of Harry snoring quietly next to me and glancing at the clock I soon see that it is 11am, getting up quietly, I go back to my room and change into some leggings, a top and a hoodie, I then walk back to Harry's room to find him still fast asleep so I shake him awake and get him out of bed, he changes quickly, not really bothered by the fact I'm watching and taking my hand, walks me downstairs to get some breakfast of pancakes covered in syrup. I notice a note on the side: We thought we would leave you two be for the day, there's some movies on the sky-box and plenty of food in the cupboards. See you later, love from the guys. Aww that's so cute of them! I grab a plate of pancakes and sit opposite Harry who is shoving them down like there's no tomorrow, I eat one and am instantly full, pushing my plate away, I raise one eyebrow at Harry who winks, takes the plate and before you can say 'One Direction' everything on the plate is gone. I look at him and laugh, Harry joins in and helps me to clear up the plates. I run back upstairs to brush my teeth with Harry joining me. We both draw toothpaste mustaches on each other, laughing and finally being able to enjoy each others company, he picks me up like a baby and carries me back down the stairs into the lounge, sitting onto the sofa we flick through the films and finally decide to watch my favorite movie - The Hunger Games. We both cry at Rue's death, laugh at how blunt Katniss and celebrate when her and Peeta win. "Another movie?" I ask, he doesn't reply, just bends down to give me a kiss and puts on American Pie.

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