Is this Love?

This is my first Movella about One Direction :) It's about a girl called Charlotte who sees the boys crossing the road but they don't realize a truck is coming straight for them. It doesn't take a second for her to start running across the road and diving infront of the truck to save them.. read on to find out what happens ;) (BTW.. In this story, none of the guys have girlfriends) ;) xx JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT ON THE 23RD OF MARCH, I SAW ONE DIRECTION IN BIRMINGHAM! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! <3


13. Time Passes.

A week came and flew by and when it was the day that it had been two weeks, everyone was so excited. Not me though, I hated the fact that I was going to see the scars from the accident, that they were going to be there for the rest of my life. A constant reminder. Some people could say that I should be proud of my scars, that I'm a lot better off now than I was and I agree with them, but that day, I had the decision to die or watch One Direction die and I chose that I would die and I was alright with that decision, but having this reminder, just isn't worth it. No-one else would understand how I was feeling and it just wasn't fair. 

They all came bounding into my room, threw the duvet off me and carried me downstairs, my new clothes had arrived a couple of days ago but I couldn't wear those yet so I borrowed the guys' baggy tops and trousers. The smell of a good old English fry up filled my nostrils and I could taste the bacon on my tongue, my mouth was watering but they wanted me to wait. It was pretty much torture. Louis started to unwrap the bandages on my legs whilst Zayn and Liam did my ribs and Harry and Niall my arms, I suddenly became very body-conscious, I hadn't had a shower for ages. I probably reeked. Wow. This must be attractive. A sharp intake of breath caused me to look at my ribs where Zayn was carefully prodding at them. They didn't hurt anymore, they must have fully healed, but the sight of what the skin on my ribs looked like was enough for me to start gagging. A long pink line running from the center of my rib-cage to  my left hip was jagged and bright compared to my olive skin.That was going to be my constant reminder.

After all the bandages had come off, we ate breakfast in silence. I didn't want to talk about anything and sensing my mood, the others didn't bother talking to me either. Louis still carried me up the stairs as if nothing had changed, and kissing my forehead, left me to have a shower in peace.It was there that I broke down in tears and cried. Cried about my parents, my foster home, the Driver from Apple, the Scars, everything. A little over 20 minutes later, I got out of the shower and stood in-front of a mirror for the first time for about two and a half months. A scared girl looked back at me, frightened, upset and above all hating the scars on her body. I had my constant reminder and another scar that went from half way up my forearm to my elbow bone, at least I could hide both of them, I thought to myself. Leaving the bathroom, I put on some new clothes, skinny jeans, a plain polo shirt and Zayn's New York jumper. Grabbing my phone, I put it in my pocket, tied my hair back in a high ponytail and walked very clumsily out the door and down the stairs.Zayn was there waiting for me, he quickly pecked me on the lips and carried me into the lounge where the guys were waiting to watch our favourite movie: Despicable Me.

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