Is this Love?

This is my first Movella about One Direction :) It's about a girl called Charlotte who sees the boys crossing the road but they don't realize a truck is coming straight for them. It doesn't take a second for her to start running across the road and diving infront of the truck to save them.. read on to find out what happens ;) (BTW.. In this story, none of the guys have girlfriends) ;) xx JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT ON THE 23RD OF MARCH, I SAW ONE DIRECTION IN BIRMINGHAM! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! <3


12. Jeez! How much?!

After the letter, I was carried upstairs by Zayn and into the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and put on some mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss, the basics that any teenager would put on. He took one look at me, pulled me off the sink (where I was doing everything) and sat me on his lap. "You are so beautiful Charlotte." He whispered. It sent cold shivers down my spine and brought out another blush. He moved us so that my back was up against the wall, supporting me so that I wouldn't hurt myself and lent down to kiss me gently. I wound my good hand around his neck and gently pulled at his hair. The kiss deepened. By the end of it, we were both panting for breath. "Come on, we need to get you some clothes and oh! Bring your iPad with you." Zayn said, picking me up. He sauntered over to where I kept my iPad, and when I picked it up and he saw that the lock-screen was him, a smile instantly appeared on his gorgeous face and he bent down to kiss me.  

The others were all sat in the lounge playing Call of Duty when we both came back down. Liam looked suspicious. "So.. what were you two doing up there?" I blushed but managed to recover myself quickly. "Well, I was brushing my teeth and trying to get some knots out of my hair and Zayn was, being vain. He changed everything on my iPad, to him." All of us started laughing, Zayn looked down at me and winked. I felt myself blushing again and this was when Zayn managed to change the subject. "I think it's time we got Charlotte some new clothes, don't you guys?" There was a groan as the guys realized that they would be shopping online with me. "Come on, I'm not that bad, and you're not paying for anything either," Zayn placed me down onto the sofa, Louis looked at me and shook his head, laughing. "Oh.. right. I forgot, I suppose you could pay for me, I guess." A huge eruption of laughter spreads across the room. "YOU... LOOKED... SO... INNOCENT... PAHAHAA!" Shouted Niall between breaths. They all start chuckling again and Harry began wiping tears from his eyes. "Let's just get this shopping done OK?" Louis stops laughing and then comes to sit next to me on the sofa, Liam on the other side and Zayn, Niall and Harry behind me. 


Checking out from the internet shopping site I almost had a heart attack, the total cost was over 7 thousands pounds! By the time that I had bought tops, jeans, jumpers, leggings and everything else, apparently I needed new shoes, bags and clothes for school. Apparently, Apple-Ville High didn't have a school uniform so I had to go through the stages of picking an outfit every single day. Brilliant. They were all waiting anxiously for me to click 'Buy now' and when I didn't, Louis just took the iPad off me and clicked it for me. "Hey! What did you do that for?" I asked accusingly. He looked into my eyes. "You live in this house, you live by the rules alright?" The serious look on his face made me giggle so much that by the end of it, I had to take 2 painkillers to aid the pain.

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