Is this Love?

This is my first Movella about One Direction :) It's about a girl called Charlotte who sees the boys crossing the road but they don't realize a truck is coming straight for them. It doesn't take a second for her to start running across the road and diving infront of the truck to save them.. read on to find out what happens ;) (BTW.. In this story, none of the guys have girlfriends) ;) xx JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT ON THE 23RD OF MARCH, I SAW ONE DIRECTION IN BIRMINGHAM! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! <3


8. Crunch Time.

I just look at them in silence, their icy glares locking mine one by one. It doesn't make sense! All I have done was to forgive the man who almost killed me, it's my choice whether I forgive him or not, isn't it? Liam breaks the silence. "Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. You've broken one of the rules already, haven't you?" I look at them dumbfounded. "You have completely lost me Liam." I say laughing, I stop when I see the glare that Niall gives me.  Louis looks at me. "Do you remember when I first told you that you could live with us and then Liam told you we had rules?" I whisper yes and secretly wonder where on Earth this is going, "You didn't agree with number 1 and 5... remember?" I nodded. They wait and I cast my mind back to the day when Louis told me that he had fostered me and that I was going to live with them - one of the best days of my life.

"If we ever were to have a girl live with us, she would have to 1) let us buy her everything 2) let us look after her if she is sick or poorly 3) look after us if we are sick or poorly 4) make us food 5) don't cry for more than 5 minutes and 6) have fun." I remember looking at them and scowling, then telling them that I didn't agree with 1 or 5. Then it hit me. Louis had told me that they would make an exception and I could cry for 10 minutes. I had been crying for more than half an hour. They can't do anything about that though can they? I wasn't sure. 

"Oh.. right." I look down at my lap, my face turning red, I could feel the embarrassment running from my toes up to the top of my head. "Charlotte, look at me," says Harry, I look up and instantly regret it, all of them are holding water pistols. "Fire!" They shout, I can't do anything other than just sit on the sofa, screaming, squealing, laughing, all of my body hurts from the injuries but I don't care I'm laughing too much. "Alright! Alright! I give in, I'm sorry!" I shout for the fifth time but still, they don't stop. Finally the water runs out and they all fall on the floor clutching their stomachs and rolling on the floor laughing. "What's so funny?!" I question them, Zayn whips out his phone and takes a picture before showing me; I am drenched. My hair is dripping with water, my clothes tight to my bandages making me look like the Michelin Man, I erupt in giggles off laughter, the only thing that makes me stop is the stabbing pain I feel in one of my ribs, Liam notices my facial expression change from hilarity to agony and  in the matter of seconds he has me in his arms, running into the kitchen to grab some painkillers.

When I'm carried back in, Louis and the others are looking at Liam in confusion. "I thought I would have had this problem with Harry and Niall but not you Liam." Liam's face remains emotionless and placid until he announces: "I never said I was going to play fair Louis." They face each other off until Liam leaves the room. "How about we open your gifts Charlotte, cheer you up a bit?" With that, Zayn passes me my first gift. 

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